My new year!

Mood: Positive

Location: Home, Brunei


Ever since I was born, there was never a year that I could spend Christmas and New Year with my friends. They would be in KB while I would be in BSB. Sad right? Oh well, except for the Christmas 2006 and New Year 2007 where I was in Paris. But then for the New Year’s Eve (2008), I was with my aunt and cousins having dinner with the Alexander Family.

This year was bound to be the same. I spent Christmas’ eve working and getting all emo, reluctant to socialise as usual. For New Year, it will all be the same usual thing again, a big gathering with my family, extended family, family friends and workers. It is always like this. Unlike Christmas, I got New Year’s eve off work! =))

I slept in, refusing to wake up until 10am or so. Online. Watched drama online and stupid hate it cause its so time exhausting! grrr.. eventually fell asleep at noon till 3pm ++ until there is a leak (first day of menses bah!) and I jumped out of bed (literally) and get changed. Luckily my bed is not soiled!

Online. Continued drama. Eat some junk food. Drama. Blog. And suddenly, my sister is back home at 5.30pm announcing that she is going down to KB! OMG, I want to go too! Then I can go to Patricia’s party! Whoo~~ I was still blogging then, webcam-ing some more! LOL. But I quickly showered, packed a lil stuff and waited for my sister to come back at 6.30pm to get me down KB.

In the car

I gave Pat a call first to make sure I am welcomed! OK, I was invited, and of course I know I will alwyas be welcomed *thick face* But it is never nice to crash into a party just like that! But I made her keep it a secret so I can surprise Emily and all! =)) HAHA

Seeing their “shocked” faces was so fun! Emily and Priscilla were just mentioning about me and *poof* I appeared! Whee~~ Long live me! =P

Uncle uncorking a bottle of red wine


It was great fun catching up and all. After 11pm, went to Emily’s for awhile. Priscilla drove us there after dropping Florence at her home! And I have to tell you something which is not funny at all! When Florence got out of the car, I look out the window to wave bye. AND SAW A FREAKING BABY LIZARD STICKING THERE!

The lizard!

I could not make it whether it was in the car or outside. I freaking shouted and screamed and all! *drama* The other three were LAUGHING instead of consoling me. Great friends yeah? haha.. Just scared of creepy crawlies mah! =P

At Emily’s

Transferred pictures at Emily’s place. Charged my mobile (I am always just so reckless. Always in need of the phone then realised there is no battery! ><). Saw Emily's brother and mom. Her mom help us took some pictures. Her mom is really petite and cute, you know? =)) there too, Patricia called Anwyl (spelt correctly?) Anwyl MUST read this ok? specially dedicate to him one!

Pat jumping here and there! HAHA

Patricia is just so cute! She kept calling but got the engaged tone. She asked why and I said, “Probably he is on the line with someone else” Pat’s face turned so sad! HAHA.. When I said, “erm, it could be the fact that he is trying to call you and at the same time, you are calling him, so both did not get through!” Her face straight away lighted up! Damn cute lah! HAHA Yet she always says she does not care.. blehhh

but soon enough, Anwyl called back and REFUSED TO TALK TO US..sheesh! Just joking lah. he was really drunk probably! But acting sober! (Do not trust what I say) HAHA But we did say “Happy New Year” to him. At least he responded! There after, or before that? I called Ann and found out she is in MUSUEM. Exactly, what you doing in a MUSEUM on New Year’s Eve? Well, she was actually on a planned trip to London. She was so jealous. But see? We never forget you! I called you and we all talked. Too bad you can’t webcam with us =(( But nevermind, after few years.. we shall fulfil our promise to go travel together! =)) Give me minimum three years please? =P

Then just before midnight, Priscilla brought me and Patricia back to Patricia’s home just in time for more fireworks. Where we stay, Kampong Pandan, especially Jalan Maulana, can always be said as the street with most fireworks! Honest! Probably there are many rich people like Patricia staying there! HAHA.. It was real fun watching fireworks although I failed to take good pictures of them! Nonetheless, I enjoyed.

Failed picture of fireworks
The fire cracker extra loud (red circle)

As soon as we got into the house compound.. (we were watching the fireworks outside, near the gate) Patricia called HIM! HAHA.. this time around he did talk to me and Wei Kee lah! Both so sweet and cute lah! Patricia asked us whether he said anything bad about her while he in Australia asked whether Patricia said anything bad about him! HAHA..

After he hanged up, we go on with girlie talk again and all, soon time is getting late and should sleep soon! Patricia gave me yet more things! Last time she gave me so many things and now she gave me MORE! I seriously appreiciate it! thank a lot and I love them all because you gave me things I will actually use! =)) I just love body products! HAHA

But I just have to say it again, as I told our dad, “Uncle, you born a Santa!” HAHA Isn’t she like a Santa? Always giving me gifts? makes me so happy all the time. But it is not the fact that I got things from her, it is the fact that she actually will take her time to choose things for me and WRAP them for me! =)) She has always been like this ever since I know her. She is such a sweet girl! And a very pretty one some more. I am so loved by my besties! I hearts you all! Thanks for such a great new year! I seriously think it is a great start for me despite ending up at work all so tired and worn out! =P


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