A night of guilt yet happy!

But there was no lightning~ =P

Thought of the day
: ECG is required if you try to lie for a MC (Medical Certificate)

Mood: Guilty yet Happy

Location: Home, Brunei


This is the fourth time (or fifth?) that I asked for a medical certificate for sick leave. But this is the FIRST time I lied to get that MC. Probably I did not really lied since I do have gastroenteritis and yesterday due to the busyness, I missed my lunch. I totally forgot! >< But it is a fat stomach I know

Anyway how, the doctor (or medical officer?) who attended to me is VERY HANDSOME INDEED. BUT MARRIED..SIGH he got a ring on his wedding finger what?! Nevermind! HAHA.. As usual, he will check my breathing, my stomach, my abdomen and all. All in the name of gastric.

I got a lot of medicine.. heaps of them! it is always like this when you go to a hospital in Brunei! LOL

What ever, I get my MC already! And I am happy!! less guilt now And my day off is on the 5th! whee~~ The MC is specially to attend a family function at Muara Yatch Club! Been a long time that I went there! Yes to beaches and good food! whoooooo~~

p.s. I have day off on the 12th too! can go Miri again! Whee~~

p.p.s Pictures of the hospital in my mobile. Apparently this stupid heavy Dell does not have bluetooth. But it is impossible because there is a bluetooth icon beside the keyboard. probably I am the stupid one who could not make out how to make it function ==”


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