Gigi’s 7th Birthday

Thought of the day: It is not lying that made ECG possible. It is the fact that a possible heart attack might be masked by the fact that angina might be mistakenly thought as gastric pain! =S

Note: I think I shall stop using Phlook to upload pictures. I find it a trouble having to alter the images dimensions when embedding them in the blog post. Probably on some occasions I might use it? Never knows! teehee~

Mood: Jolly yet tired

Location: FKS Restaurant, Brunei


I slept quite late because I know I can skip work with that MC I have. Nonetheless, I was awoken by Izzah’s sms at about 8am. I tried to get back to sleep but failed. Thus, woke up at 9am ++ to watch my drama. I never liked to suddenly stop what I started. So, even for a drama that I watched a little back in 2003, I tried so hard to find it so I can continue watching it. There are even times when the drama is not really nice, I still continue to watch them at times fast forwarding them just to finish them up. Probably I am weird., I AM WEIRD. lol
I watched till 10am ++ and called my sister (who is sleeping in her room) Yeah, I am so lazy to walk to her room that I called her She said to only go to Muara Royal Brunei Yacht Club later when she woke up. She woke up slightly before 11am and told me to get ready. Too bad, she told me so late that we were a bit very late to Royal Brunei Yacht Club! HAHA.. I needed time to shower, choose my clothes in which I tried the same few shirts over and over again pairing it with either a skirt or a khaki! HAHA, get my things into a bag, etc…

After so many phone calls rushing us, we reached my dad’s restaurant and picked up my aunt and grandma!

My grandma’s hand. Suddenly realise time flies and we get old very quickly~~

Off we go to Yayasan to pick up my cousin. On the way there, she called to say that she could not make it because she is busy. so, we then made a turn round the three lane round-a-bout to go (You all never heard of a three lane one right? It is very new concept when it started in Brunei! I think there is none around in SEA, not sure about the world). It was a long ride =S Got a little car sick and all. Anyway, reached there safely, with Wei Wei coming out of the club to greet us. We were to park inside the club but there is no shade so decided to park outside. Yet, it was raining so the place was totally wet. But then we (luckily) got a nice dry shaded place to park.
Went in and started looking around. I haven’t been here much. Very few times in fact. Some views around the place.
Since we were late, the kids and others have already eaten. Before I start my lunch, spot this Caucasian (upper pic). After lunch, went to have a short walk with my grandma. The adult pool there got some kids playing, with these two fooling around! (lower pic).

Our food is some finger food, buffet style. This is so unlike last time. =(( I preferred to order from menu myself. But they say since we take time to make decision on what to eat, and they also need some time to prepare. Moreover, it is Sunday. So, we just have to eat what was planned. Nevermind, I was the last to eat (cause I was ogling at the hunk) and the first to finish. Hehe..

After lunch, talk with grandparents of my cousins. Played Chinese chess with my brother.Went to walk around and took some pictures. So many boats. There are surely more boats here than in KBBC. The views here are fantastic. It is just right beside the beach. My lips taste of salt (serious). Enlarge the images by clicking on them =)) First picture in the above image shows the far righthand side of the views from where we were. Second picture in the image is my uncle sitting facing the beach. Third is the one on the beach. The last one shows a girl playing alone there.
Saw an advertisement on adopting animals (cats and dogs). Enlarge to read and LAUGH! Yes, I do not know but I find it funny! Too bad for cat lovers! HAHA But maybe they like cats for that same reason too?

Soon, time to cut the cake. Yum yum, ice cream cake with loads of chocolate! Whee~~ (Gi Gi used to love Barney a lot. As time flies, she chose something more girlie like Hello Kitty. I loved Barney but never Hello Kitty. Maybe this is why I am so unlady-like! Blehhh)

Lighting candles and candles blowing.

Singing birthday song. Cake eating…

Then proceeded to take more pictures and talk, play, etc..
Just then, my uncle saw my camera! I thought he knew because when I met him in the hotel last time in KL, I used it. Apparently, he does not and started questioning. I quickly said my dad bought it. I still think he dislike that but oh well, I love my camera! My uncle is the sort who does not like people having things which they did not earn hard for. My first Zappee MP3 was a surprise gift he got for me from USA when he had a work-related trip there in 2001. I did not really know how to use it then. I was just in Secondary 1?! And my sister so kindly SPOILT it by leaving the drained batteries in it =(( I then can only use the radio function. I have to give so many reasons to get an iPod thereafter because I do not dare to tell him my MP3 was damaged. Getting my mobile for the first time was also with some “reason” LOL. When I changed my mobile the few times, he never knew. That was because last few years, he had always been working overseas, leading a hectic life. All just for his family and us *Grateful*Had he known, I might have been given a good scolding. My sister was so bad, instead of helping me, she added in: “You do not know meh? She is daddy’s expensive daughter” Grrr… But I was save from any “comments” because i quickly walked away. I saved myself. No knights in shining amour ok?!

Anyway, we went back and here I am, blogging. (Uhh, my dad did make a short trip there for the food with his friend.) Oh yeah, my brother just came back last night from KL. He went on a trip there for more than ten days and spent all the money given =S. He went to quite some places and even got conned about the hotel. Pity him but he had a great trip. I told him not to get us things, the most important is he has enough money to spend. But I think we gave him too much money and he bought me a cute thing. I never liked him buying things for me. You know lah, boys’ taste his taste might not be good. but..but he got me a dolphin keychain! *muacks* School is starting tomorrow for him, last year of A levels, all the best! But I have too much keychains, magnets, lil souvenirs where I do not use, display etc. All kept in a plastic box. I have planned to just take pictures and all next time where ever I go. This can not only save money but also create “moments-to-be-remembered” memory. Clever right? I just know it! blehhh


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