Purple is not brown; brown is not purple

cloudy night

Quote of the day: “… Aquariuses are very weird and eccentric wtf but want to do good for the world or so…” Audrey Ooi.


Today went to work extra early, nearly missed the provided transport! It is stock take day where they sum up the number of items per product in the store. Yesterday, I committed a lot of sin. I shall not mention it here. Most probably will mention in the unhappy blog =X


But before going to work today, dropped by the post office again! Yes! My dress is here! I am expecting something purplish. Nothing bright but just a dark purple dress! Guess what? Yeah…it turned out to be a brown one. Nothing too disappointing though. And it came with a free gift =))


My sister registering to get the registered air mail package (Royal Mail).


The package! It was so small that I could not imagine there are TWO dresses in it.


The free gift! It is from real shell (as stated!)


Me in the dress.

My dad says it is ugly. My sister says it is alright. My colleagues say it is nice! I know they are just being nice I could not ask my brother. When I got home, he is already asleep! Probably schooling is tiring him out! Oh well, I am satisfied. It is not like I have another choice?! I do not have the choice to send it back to UK and all, right?

The dress is not really flattering. Short and fat But I am glad it is not too long and fits me just right. Just that, my chest area is FLAT. Yes, I admit Blehh..whatever!


Uhhh another thing! I received an e-card from that French woman I know =)) Madame Angela! She is a real nice woman! I love her =)) Thanks so much! Probably she should have typed that in French Je vous souhaite un bonne annee aussi! Merci beaucoup!


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