Dear Diary,


Thought of the day: Am I daring enough to go into it?


I felt so tired yet not really tired. Not sure if I am really tired or not. WTHe am I talking? Nevermind. Not so important. I was tired last night and tried hard to sleep but rolled around my bed till 3am ++. Don’t know why ==" Maybe I do know.

I was having a good chat with Orange last night. Really missed him and I haven’t been chatting with him for a while. I gave him my new blog link and told him: "I know you seldom read. Ok, you do not read but who knows you suddenly missed me? You can just read! =P So bookmark!" Guess what he said? "If miss you can just chat with you mah!" =="

It was a short chat to us but a long one to others. We used to chat for longer times. I was tired then and wanted to sleep! (but ended up not sleeping) It has really been a long time! I never got around to discussing about my life. More on his life and some electronic gadgets and my plan to visit him in Singapore! Told him that my plan to go to Kuching is gone due to the very dear air tickets. He said nevermind, he shall come to Brunei. In a thousand years probably!

My heart did not go lighter even after a chat with him. I was happy. For the fact of a few things. I went to work with a happy mood this morning too. At the same time, I was worried about something too. Hmm… Life is just ever complicated eh? But as Suh Ming said, life is complicated enough. Do not make it worse eh? Go to sleep!

P.s. This post is so weird and so random. I do not know what I want to express. But yeah.. nevermind!


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