Noreen’s baby!

cloudy night

I kept dreaming about Noreen. Been twice already. Maybe because I want to see her baby so much! I have never seen her baby! I last saw her when she was still pregnant in July 2008.


Her baby is now already three months old. I was out with Izzah. When we went back to the store, was so surprised to see Noreen and her baby! OMG. So cute! The baby looked totally like her father. Ok, this is kinda… ok of course she should look like her father, he is her father what?! But a girl looking like her father is not exactly.. er.. nevermind. LOL


I was so excited playing with her baby. They asked me to get married and have my own baby! ==" I am only in my early twenties. Ok, they are also in their early twenties. But we have different perspectives.

I had and am studying hard. I would of course want a career of my own, or rather a job which can satisfy the high-end lifestyle I am reaching out for. If not, would not it have been such a waste to just study, get a degree, get married and take care of children, be a housewife?

I want a good income, comfortable life, travelling times etc before I settle down with a family. But I doubt so whether I will ever do so. I mean about the family part.. HAHA I do not know how to tread safely on that thin line. I am so sorry for always pretending I do not know that you feel for me or just brush off what you might have meant seriously with a "haha" etc but thanks for the love.

Talking about love. just remembered two years ago, there was this guy who is a few years older than me, who got to know me through the then popular-Friendster. Despite the fact that my profile is privatised, he still messaged me. Seeing he is nice, I messaged with him, without adding him as my friend.

I was then still in Paris, we continued messaging through Friendster, soon thru MSN. firstly just chatting. Soon, webcam-ing. Moved on to video calling. Then he would sms me. He would give me international phone calls. I knew what he was in for. I just pretended that I do not know what I was in for. =P Like Su-Lyn said, why do not just bask under the feeling of being loved?

On New Year’s Eve, he suddenly chat with me after two months of no-chatting (I was busy with my exams then). I just got to know he got on a new relationship with an old childhood friend of his few weeks ago. I was sad though I do not love him. Why so?! The sense of losing someone who loves loved you before? not mistaken me. I seriously never regretted not going on a fling with him. Had I done that I might regret for having hurt or played with someone else’s well intentioned feeling. Like I did with Kurt. I am so sorry for having said "Welcome to my life" because I certainly treaded on the wrong path. All the best to his new relationship with his childhood friend! =)) Same to Kurt too. I do not know why you then suddenly stopped your years’ long blogging. Hope it is not because of me. All the best!

I shall end this post with another picture of the baby and moi again! =P



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