Jots of the time



  • My baby sister who is going to turn five soon actually knows how to switch on a laptop, open games and play them! She is quite good and will swear (as in saying "Die lo, die lo!" or "shit" when she is losing or missed a target etc). Do not know where she learnt these from but shows she is catching things fast. She is in fact a naughty fast learner, yet very slow in terms of speech. But can always hearing her greeting me: "Hi, jie jie. I love you. I miss you" is such a sweet thing.


  • I met a French woman today who were reluctant to speak English. Most probably she has very bad command of English (I know because I talked to her). She was impressed with my broken French. I had a very nice short talk with her. =D She is on a three-days-holiday with her son who is currently working in Singapore, to Brunei. Many who come here would love the slow paced life. But if I were them, I would have not think so. Probably I am a person who loves going out and have something to be busy about more. Wait till the day I feel old. Probably I will want to be like them too =S
  • I have not been a good sister. I see my brother off to school (second year of A levels) on the second day of school. Just only yesterday I found out he recently changed school. The school he was previously in was spilt into two. He was sent off to the newer branch of the school. Due to some reasons, he actually appealed to get back to the old school. Obviously, he succeeded in his appeal. I certainly spend lesser time talking to him nowadays. I miss him a lot when I am away from him, even in Sunway. There is a friend of mine whom I always relate to my brother. So maybe unconsciously, I treat that person very warmly. He might have mistaken that as something extra, even till today. But I do not bother to explain because sometimes, just as he thinks so, explanation makes things worse.


  • I used to be the one bullying my brother. But now, it is the other way round! But it is still all well. Since I spend lesser time with him now, being bullied is ok lah. But I won’t tolerate more than any minor bullying acts =P
  • I am happy at work yet unhappy. I guess you cannot have all you want at the same time TT As I did mention, something or rather many things happened in the store. Nothing personal on my side anyway. But just I do not like how it is yet I do not want to stir up much stuff. Especially I am a part-timer only, albeit being one who had worked there for a period before.
  • I was supposed to go to Miri last Monday (12.01.2009) but decided not to because I was tired. Tired because of some sleepless nights. I spent some nights thinking over some things and finally resolved some on the 12th. So maybe it was a good thing to not go to Miri then. But I am still obliged to go. My family will make another trip on this coming Friday (16.01.2009) to go down to Miri. I MUST go along so that they can change BND to RM for me and deposit into my Malaysian account. Thank god I am having two consecutive off days (Thursday and Friday).
  • Had a training yesterday about new products of TBS. Japanese Cherry Blossom core range was made in Japan and launched in year 2007. Tried and tested to be very loveable in the market. Thus, they are launching it worldwide I think. There is another limited range of Moroccan Rose. The roses are actually hand picked in the Valley of Roses, Morocco at dawn. Why dawn? Because that is the time when the flower is just about to bloom. The flower will thus be of the best quality at that time to extract its oil. it is so precious that it is limited edition! Erm..but I am not much of a rose person! But I guess the smell is some what soft?! I am so going to get both the body butter! They are much more expensive than the normal ones! I already have two body butters which I got last month. Now, considering to buy another two?! But I oh-so-love-it! Nevermind, I shall get them. So I will be bringing FOUR body butters to KL! =P (Hope I can stay within the luggage limit TT)

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