Pasar Malam Gadong 10.01.2009




To Pasar Malam Gadong with Izzah and her fiance!


Mangosteen. That was what I bought only. I think I only ate this for LESS than five times. My dad never liked me eating this. The first time I ever ate this was when I was about twelve. My aunt from Canada came back for a visit. When we went shopping, she asked me what I want. Coincidentally, mangosteen was just right beside me. I thus declared I want them. (I had never eaten them but knew about them from books!)

When I got them back to my dad’s restaurant, my aunt opened them for me! It was heavenly. But my dad was not really keen about me eating them. He kept complaining and asked me to be careful about them staining my clothes. I had a white dress or shirt on then I think. He said the stains could not be washed off.

Till today, he gave me some disapproving looks when I eat them. I do not know why. I do not want to know because I still want to eat them!!! HAHA


I do not know if I had ever eaten this type of durian. But I do have a blurred memory that Uncle Long (a friend of my dad) specially bought them for me few years back. When I saw the durians he bought for me, it was mostly finished! Or should I say I was left with ONLY one?! Yeah, the durian was ONLY for me but the others ate them all! ><“


The drinks which is a MUST when you go to the pasar malam. But that night, I did not have any. I prefer water actually most of the time! =P


BBQs. Also a must but not really for me. I just recently realised I am not a great fan of chicken wings. It takes time to savour one and yet dirties the hand the most! I now prefer thighs or breast meat! (due to laziness!)


Pulut panggang. I sometimes love them. Sometimes not. They are sometimes too spicy and oily to my liking. But I did try this stall last time. They were freshly “fried” on the spot. I thought they were supposed to “panggang” them over the charcoal fire?! Improvisations? But it will sure compromise the taste! Nothing beats the old fire charcoal way!


But I will always minimise going to those places! Why? Can’t you see it is worse than HAZE?! lol


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