Rants of the week

Ok..probably not week, just days..

  • Last night was the second night of power outage. I was damn tired and hungry. Complained as usual. My dad decided to bring us to Riverview Hotel for some food. Ok, all because of me. But my mom does not want and thus they compromised on going to Greenhouse. You know? The place where I had yucky EXPENSIVE crabs? Last night was my second night there. We wait for about more than five minutes to get served. We waited for more than forty five minutes to get my food served. My food is UNCOOKED. I was supposed to change it yet IT IS A FREAKING FORTY FIVE MINUTES! >< Nevermind then. The food was not that nice. My dad cooks a lot better. Then my mom’s came the last after like one hour? It was just some prawn in tom yam sauce over kolo meehoon! OMG.. what took so long? AND THE PRAWN WAS UNCOOK! I thought my mom bite a chilli when she her face turned all red, seemingly felt like vomitting and chocking >< THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME EVER! ><
  • Ok forget that yucky food incident. It was midnight and I was tired then. >< But I did walk over to the counter and told the waitress off. "We waited for so long. Yet, the chicken is uncook! The prawn is raw!" Then I strode out with my iPod on, walked towards my dad’s car leaving my parents and my brother there to settle the bill. BND25 for such food..ewww
  • Oh yeah..this is not a rant but more on  a happy side of things. I was assigned to work in The Mall the other day? On the 21st of January? I met TEK TING! OMG..I never expected to meet her there. Well, I know she did not too. But oh well, it is so nice seeing her there!! I also met Jia Wei and his cousin, Lesley, Serene, another guy who did not came in to talk to me and also whom I forgotten his name (so sorry!)
  • I do not know why..but just felt recently, there is so much luck in meeting people! I saw Wei Kee in immigration the other day (20th January) and just last two nights, I saw Junaidi. Ok, he saw me! LOL. It had been such a long time that I did not see him! >< I was in shock and a state of blur when he called me. After a few seconds that felt like an hour, I suddenly recalled who he is LOL
  • Just yesterday afternoon!!! I met Wan Theng and her two sisters who are extremely friendly! OMG, Brunei is really this small that you meet people whom you seldom meet even when you study in the same university together. Nice meeting them! =))
  • I am sad and furious to have my dear Pat bullied by people. Even if it is not the case, I still feel that she is on the weaker side! Do NOT mess with my darling Pat or I will curse you like I do now! >< Pat, we shall talk soon! =)) I will get to spend my CNY eve with you =D Take care and see you soon! =D

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