QiQi’s birthday

It was a coincidence I was based at The Mall store during the 24th of January. It was a tiring day for me because my sales were exceptionally good. But I was kind enough to give away all my sales after serving them so hard. I have already reached my sales target while the staff at The Mall branch have not yet so. Thus, I tried to help them by giving my sales to them. I am in a giving season! =P

At last I have had enough. I went to rest and stopped serving. I forgot my lunch and only remembered to eat at 6.30pm. My mom asked me to just go back for dinner. My baby sister was to cut her cake then.


There was no big celebration (just like mine usually) because our birthdays are near to CNY. Usually just celebrate alongside with a cake.


Yeah, we know you are five! =P

I was tired and thus not much pictures. Went back for work and suddenly, my baby sister came together with my mom. I made my mom leave her with me while she go do her shopping. My baby sister dislike shower but see what she did with bath lilies?






She mimicked bathing!!! I know she love playing in water and pretend to swim. Yeah she does not know how to swim, just like me. Please do not ask me about why I do not swim and sort of resent it. I will tell when I feel like it.

Ok, I know, you guys must be bored of her already! But this is another post dedicated to her for her birthday! The other one is here =))

She even played with the massaging tools!! XD






She is just so cute! I love her =D


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