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Kampong Ayer (Brunei)

Used to be known as Venice of the east (?) I do not know how accurate this is but then it was nice being on a speed boat! =)) The ride was not exactly smooth but it is good enough. I was born and grown up in Brunei. But, never been to Kampong Ayer until 22nd of February 2009!

In the morning, I was half expecting for something good to happen. I hope that I will really get to see Emily but I do not want to keep my hopes too high just to be disappointed. I think she planned to surprise me like last time. [She came to The Body Shop to give me a very nice crystal ball! Thanks so much! I love it to bits! =D]

But just in case she could not find me, so she SMS-ed me beforehand to tell me she is coming up =D I met up with her around lunch time. Went to have a look at phones, then to see LCDs, went to see then to see some luggage. She is going to KL in March! I am so excited. Hope I get to meet her. Probably I can introduce my friends to her =DIMG_8362 Anyway, in the afternoon, she went to back to buy her mobile using the discount from my dad’s Prima account. Then I went with Ratna. Ratna had Swenson ice cream. I wanted to eat too but my period is holding me back. I never cared much but then that time, the cramps were bad. Anyway, I had a long personal talk with Ratna and all. People judge her but I think I do not. Despite hearing lots of negative things, yet confirmed by her together with her reasoning, all I can say LOVE is blind and misleading but it is a happy thing =D

We then went to Pasar Gadong. I got my “penyaram” A kind of Malay kuih Ratna introduced to me. It is nice =)) Yum yum! Then off we go to KAMPONG AYER..Damn excited.. And now I shall follow ZX’s way. Let the picture tell you the story!

IMG_8363 The view of Kampong Ayer from the parking lot!IMG_8364 The speed boats that people used to travel from land to Kampong AyerIMG_8368 Ratna on the boatIMG_8373 An acquaintance of Ratna. They usually charge twenty or more dollars per trip to round Kampong Ayer but I got a cheap fare of just five dollars! HeheIMG_8386 All houses and buildings built on stilts. No flooding for sure!IMG_8387 IMG_8390 IMG_8400 This is a “tambing” I think! This indicates that it is a Kampong. If seen from the land, Kampong Ayer is SMALL. But when you really go around it, you will be surprised how big it is! There are so many KAMPONGS ok?IMG_8404 Ratna’s school (when she was still in school lah)IMG_8407 The fire brigade of Kampong AyerIMG_8409 The police station of Kampong AyerIMG_8410 IMG_8418 The power supply (electric cables)IMG_8420 The opposite land. The place where students will always go when their school organize any trips! HAHAIMG_8427 The resort of Kampong Ayer! No joke! There is a small resort, touristy area!IMG_8428 Front side view of the resortIMG_8431 Heading back towards the landIMG_8433 Nearing YayasanIMG_8434 BSBIMG_8435 The boats again! =))IMG_8436 Tourist time! =PIMG_8455 Went to The Body Shop Yayasan, where I USED to work LOLIMG_8457 Walked around some other places in Yayasan. Then Ratna send me back. On the way back, saw very beautiful night lights but my camera memory was full. I did not bring extra memory so end up not taking them! =((IMG_8467 There were road blocks because the Sultan was there. Yes, our sultan is close to the citizens. He goes around the places and do spot checks! The next day was National Day. So, they had some function in the mosque!IMG_8469 Brunei has many pretty mosques! Really. Very pretty ones. I made Ratna promise to bring me into one someday. It is just something like visiting churches when I was in Paris. So coming to Brunei, people should visit the mosques too. =PIMG_8470 The cars of BIG SHOTS (people from government etc lah)

OK I am going to Miri anytime soon! More to be blogged =D Teehee! Stay tuned!


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Mabel’s birthday!

It was Maria Bella’s (my shop manager based in Yayasan) 38th birthday on the 16th of February! But she did not have any cake because her thoughts was at the stage where she is not kids anymore, there is no need for cake! Ermm..probably we will all reach that stage too for once! =S

So on the 17th, when she was working, Izzah and I went to buy a small cake for her. IMG_8280 Only the three of us working so we only got a small chocolate cake! =D IMG_8277 We asked for permission to go out and shop for some food. Got into the one and only bakery. Chose a chocolate cake.   IMG_8276 Got the words written on the cake. Paid.  Put some candles on. IMG_8281 Passed some of my things to the people in Giordano (our neighbour) so that I have free hands to take pictures.

IMG_8282IMG_8283IMG_8284 Izzah lighted the candles and we proceed to go in, singing the Birthday song. IMG_8286 I think Mabel some how knew we were getting her a cake! She came out looking happy.IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8289 Took a picture with the cake.IMG_8290 Made a wish..or probably wishes.IMG_8292IMG_8294 Blow the candles. IMG_8297  IMG_8298 Cut the cake.IMG_8300 Eat the cake =D

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Random happenings!

  • 5th February!
    A customer’s baby! So cute. I cannot resist but asked to have some pictures =PIMG_8175IMG_8176
  • 5th February!
    Those full time staffs have to join in a contest where they will do make up on a Smudge Chart. Most were lazy to do so. I thus helped Mabel and Izzah to draw them. There were to do one for Day Look. And one Creative look! I only took pictures of the one I did for Izzah!IMG_8179 Creative look
    IMG_8182 Day Look
  • 6th February
    My baby sister always seen me with make-up. Feeling like it is fun, this is what she did to her own face (This is taken after most of the colours been wiped away!)IMG_8212She actualyl had much more vibrant blue on her brow areas. VERY RED CHEEKS. Haha
  • 9th February
    It was last day of CNY! Got open house! I got home earlier. This time, I spent some time to talk with the guests, unlike during Christmas/NY eve period where I went into my room and ignore others LOL

    Shee Yunn came too. I got to make-up with her, talk a lil, catch up and all. Did not get to do much. I left my camera at work. Thus, no pictures! =((

    I had a lil too much vodka too. Thus was tipsy and went to sleep while still online, webcamming with Shee Yunn and Jeou Yee.

  • 15th February
    Met a pair of siblings. Korean studying in Brunei. The way they talk are so cute! Thus, I requested for pictures. My customers sure think I am a freak by now lah! HAHAIMG_8236 IMG_8235
  • 22nd February
    My mom felt that there were some cats in the counter inside the restaurant. She heard lots of meow-ing sounds. Thus, Mario was called to help check. He removed two kittens. Very tiny.
    IMG_8472 My baby sister used to be very brave. The two dogs all avoid back in KB house, she was able to make the two dogs afraid OF her! *salute* 

    But then one day, one of the dogs was jealous of her because my uncle carried her, so bit her on her leg. Since then, my baby sister dislike and is afraid of them dogs already! HAHA And when she saw the kittens, we asked her if she wants them, she said “Cannot”. Further pushing, she said “NO! I do NOT want!”. When we asked why, she said “Because I do NOT want LAH” My baby sister still cannot communicate well. But she really made it clear that we cannot have the cats! HAHA

  • 20th February
    Madame Bellavia is a nice French woman. I knew her as my customer in The Body Shop in 2007. Till after a year, she still remembers me.
    IMG_8315 That day, she came over to just say good bye to me because she know I will be leaving soon. She even brought me a little gift from Vietnam. She left me her address and I exchanged with her too. She is going to mail me (as she said) when she get back to Paris for good or so!IMG_8312 Thanks so much for everything; the friendship, the kindness, the patience, the gift and all =D
  • 24th February
    I went to do my hair. Touch ups! Once done, my sister came to pick me up. My baby sister tagged along. Once I got into the car, she came to me, probably want to kiss me. But instead touch my hair, smelled it and say: “eeeee…smelly!” HAHA

    There are just so many things with my baby sister. She brought me so much laughter! I am so going to miss her. So soon, I am going back to Sunway already! (Do not know to be happy or to be sad! But I guess we should learn to be glad about everything?)

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The day I used to think I will look forward to…

When you were still young, you will always hope to fast forward time so you can become older faster! But when the time really comes, I do not know, you will just sort of not really look forward to it? It seems like time flies and soon, you are one who is not a dependent and going to move into the society as a working adult.

I have always said that I never want to turn back time. Yes, I never wanted to because I would not be who I am now =)) I only just sometimes wish the time in Paris could have lasted a little longer. If not because of UBD, probably I would be in Paris for a much longer time! =X Oh well, what has gone is gone!

I spent the fateful day where I turned totally legal by going into a Workshop as an assistant to my make-up artist in The Body Shop, alongside with Me-Anna. That was my first time and also my last time (I think!?) But you never know, do you? LOL. I enjoyed the session a lot by just simply helping and teaching people how hands-on self grooming using make-up is like =D That alone took up my whole morning!

I then went to The Body Shop, The Mall to sell some skin care, make-ups to my fellow “workshop-customers”. After that, went to do some shop-related groceries with Me-Anna (the shop manager based in The Mall) Our day offs, and my birthday, we give our free time to our work. Dedication? LOL

Then went back to my dad’s restaurant. Rest a lil. Go to The Body Shop office, which is just located behind my dad’s restaurant to look for Me-Anna. I was supposed to get something from her to bring to The Body Shop at The Mall. I was going there anyway to meet Wei Kee.

I waited soooo long! (Why make the birthday girl wait?) was the traffic. Gadong is a CBD, very busy and all. So hard to get parkings! I waited for nearly an hour. Tek Ting suddenly messaged me. It was nice but not a surprise as I thought. I did not meet her for so long already! Oh well, nevermind. A surprise did come up! Shee Yunn suddenly called me. Thinking she was only “playing” misscalls. Being in Malaysia too long made me forgot that when you pick up any calls in Brunei, you have to pay too!

But it rang a wee bit too long, I picked it up. She said she want to meet me. It was so sudden. I have an appointment with Wei Kee. No matter how much I would like to meet up with her, I did not do so because I hate to break my promises! But end up…IMG_8199

IMG_8186  Newspaper-style Menu (throw aways)banana rama

Banana Rama chips

The simply delicious chips! (Too delicious until two servings were finished up!) goldmine (2)

Gold Mine (Delicious! But anything with banana sure beats anything HAHA) presso Presso (Coffee and chocolate) I do not drink coffee but I do eat it ok? It is a bit bitter, the way I like it =D

Wei Kee was with her, along with Sendy (haven’t seen her in ages too) and Siew Chee! What a pleasant surprise. They treat me to Charmy Snow Ice (something from Taiwan) Real nice =D Thanks a lot

IMG_8183 Siew Chee and Sendy Eu

IMG_8184 Wei Kee and I (please ignore my fat arms!)

IMG_8200 Me and my used-to-be-lesbian-mate

IMG_8201 IMG_8203 Us, who used to “study” till morning for A levels. End up only studying an hour but chatting most of the time!


We chit chatted for quite sometime until it is time for me to get my new toy! I spent quite some time then to get my new toy. I want the one in red but it was out of stock. Got the blue one instead. It was nice. No regrets. Moved on to customize it and all =)) It was pretty late already when all were done. Before I leave, met Tan Jun Seng and his girlfriend! He was going to get an Xperia. Since I knew him from primary schools, I try to get him a 5% discount too. Success! Hope he likes what he got. But I think he got that thousand dollar mobile for his girlfriend one lo! hehe So sweet!

Then I went back. Was asked to make wishes, blow candle, cut cake. But I was too engrossed in my new toy. Did not take pictures. Just play with it and web-camming with Ann online HAHA.. And my new toy got CREAMED. Seriously, my heart was like..SHATTERED?

Oh well, no worries! It is still functioning well =P My day was just like that I think. Nothing special. But it was certainly the first time  I feel like not wanting to celebrate it.

IMG_8207 goes the thank-yous! Thanks so much to everyone who made my day; whether it is by face-to-face, sms, facebook, friendster, e-mail greetings. And also the girfts and angpaus! Yes Michelle Tan, it was certainly a nice feeling getting so many wishes, more than CNY, Christmas and all. HAHA =P Thank you, once again! =D

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Rachel and gang’s visit!

I know! This is so passé (2nd February 2009)! But I still want to blog about this. Rachel is way younger than me but I click with her. I miss her many a times and I get to see her like just once a year? LOL


She is now studying in Kota Kinabalu. Pharmacy or something? I do not know. All I know is she does not like that course but study it because her father wants her to. I do not get the point of her father doing this but oh well, I do not think I have a right to interfere! =S


She can easily come back to Brunei by car, bus, or airplane.  But all the times she came back, she always promise to find me and turn out to just MSN me few hours before she leave or SMS me just right before she leave. =(( This time is it so different. She came back for CNY. She invited me to her open house but I was too tied up by work and own CNY celebrations.


Sincerely, sorry I did not make it. But she broke way too many promises to me too =P haha Before she left for KK, after the CNY celebrations, she specially came to find me in my work place! =D ok, probably she came to do more groceries shopping for the fact that in KK, the Giant does not sell Pop Mie (???) and yeah, they do not have Jusco!


She stayed for quite sometime. I enjoyed talking to her. Got to know some new friends. One was Deen who is going to go to Sunway College University this coming April. She left just right before the shop closed. *Thanks for making the effort to come see me =D*


The next day was my day off. We met up again but this time in The Body Shop at The Mall. Went to have nasi katok but I only had a drink because I had dinner. Those who live in Brunei will love nasi katok. Something found nowhere else! =P When many heard about it, it is nothing special. Oh well, because that is not something from your counntry =P


Her flight was supposed to be a midnight one  but she ended up not flying back then because of the heavy rain. The flight was delayed to 6am in the morning. She did not go home and did not even bother to inform her parents.

Apparently, her parents are angry at her for not getting home before 9pm sharp! No matter what, both parties are at wrong. I keep my mouth shut. Just talked on the phone with her and made sure she stays well and do not get too naughty there HAHA

And on the very same night, I found out the college that she studies in, is located in a plaza OWNED by our Mr Kiung Jeou Yee’s dad! hmmm…

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Laptop is back =D

Yahoo! Hope nothing will go wrong again. I customize my laptop settings a lot, including MSN, Windows Live Writer etc.. It is a lot of work for me cause I am very busy recently!


Wanted to blog about lots of things but do not have the time. Well, most probably because there is no Windows Live Writer! So annoying. I tried blogging using Blogger itself but could not stop getting annoyed over how messy the blog post became when I added picture five by five into the blog post! =S

Now, I shall try to update what I wanted to, and hopefully done before I get back to Sunway. When I am in Sunway, I am sure there are more things to be done! I do not know whether I seriously look forward to going back or not! =S

Oh well! C’est la vie! =P

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Screams: Sometimes it is so hard to understand people. Probably, really, people are not meant to be understood. We just have to dwell in this kind of complexity that humankind exudes.

Mood: Jolly

Location: Home, Brunei

I claimed some of my hours from work. Got to get off work earlier! So… I went on impulse shopping just now ><

I also got a new screen protector for my new toy =D It is now very clear and smooth! I like how it is =))

All the time, my baby sister tagged along. My elder sister is not very happy with my decision to let her come along. She is sort of annoying. HAHA.. Whenever you bring her out, it is all about her. Where she want to go, what she want to see or play, and she must *MUST* buy something. Moreover, she is a very manja baby! She is the youngest, so..yeah it counts!

Anyway how, I seldom spend time with her. So I let her tagged along. All the while, I let her listen to my iPod (she knows how to take care of it.. no worries!), she holds either mine or my sister’s (or both!) hands, she talks baby-gibberish, etc.

Until we reached the toy section. It was real headache. She wanted everything from kitchen set, to aeroplanes, to barbie dolls. Finally, there was one thing that made her stop there, unwilling to budge!

Yeah, a golf set! She watched too much cartoon! LOL.. she used to take the bowl, soup ladle and all (real ones for cooking) to mimic the golf game! HAHA.. she spotted this set and it comes in blue and yellow. The gold balls are of different colour some more! Since she just only learnt colours, I made her name all the colours before buying it for her.
It was a really fragile set not worth the price I was going to pay, so I went to look for better ones. But they only had those. I was forced to choose that. I made her name all the colours again, then I found out, she actually does not know WHITE! Probably no one taught her that “colour” yet. As we all should know by now, white is NOT a colour. It is a mixture of colour! Right? Oh well, she earned her set =))

I regret buying the dress on impulse but I am happy I went on a short shopping trip =)) My baby sister is now not sleeping (it is already half past twelve midnight) because she is still playing with the golf set! HAHA Luckily tomorrow is Sunday!

P.s. I will still try to find time to update about the “past” LOL

P.p.s My laptop is not back yet. Blogging without my laptop and the use of Windows Live Writer is so much of a fuss now =S

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