Second day of CNY

This time, I woke up quite early. Oh well, 9am is early I supposed. Prepared myself, get myself out of the "just woke up" mood. Fixed a time to go to Patricia’s. Wei Kee was coming to get me because it had been raining the whole morning. It was so damp everywhere. If not, I would have walked.


Skipped lunch and went to Patricia’s. Always the same thing; we seem like we never have enough time to catch up on and cam-whore. Well, it has always been like a once a year thing that we meet now.





Lion dance specially at her house. It came sort of late because of the rain. All is well…


(See: LONG LONG LONG fire cracker HAHA… every Christmas’s eve, CNY eve, CNY day also got in Pat’s house =D)







IMG_8056   IMG_8058



(Lion drinking Carlsberg)


(The second can)




Then we left a bit early after the lion dance to go to Ann’s place again! Well, it was actually because Wei Kee hasn’t visited yet. My second time there on CNY for the baby! I was seriously dissatisfied that I did not get to carry the baby! HAHA.. I just figure I love babies a lot but not when they are crying! HAHA




(So BIG — his eyes)



He was asleep! TT But woke up when his dad came home from work =D Upon request, I got to carry him! =)) Dylan Maximus Yong, please do not call me "aunt" when you know how to speak already! I am your "jie jie" HAHA




He is super cute and smiled at me constantly. His grandmother said he is so cheeky!!! HAHA He is only seven weeks old =))


(Annoyed because I was taking so many pictures of him instead of entertaining him) HAHA



After that, we made a move. Wei Kee came to my house to have a short visit. My uncle was not in, if not for sure my uncle would be happy to see her. She is the daughter of a family friend and it is rare for my uncle now to catch up with many of his friends. My uncle was up in BSB to send my cousin to JPMC (the only private hospital in Brunei I think) because of fever. He went to the government one but did not improve. Thus, the need to go to JPMC. A long distance away.

Wei Kee did not stay for long because it started to rain again. Was worried it will be heavier. Thus she left and I slept. I was really tired. Probably because I am still unwell. It sucks to be sick during holiday, especially when you will only be sick during holidays! TT

I was supposed to just go for a nap. Once again, I slept till I was awoken by my sister. She brought her friends home and Kristy went inside my room! The lights woke me. I went out with my sleepy look and greeted each of them. I was short of breathe because I had to greet TEN people continuously! ><

Woke up and was not in the mood for dinner. Watched TV, played with Osim iSqueeze, watched TV and finally my aunt, uncle and cousin are home. Cousin got better. My aunt want to visit a good friend of her’s who just came back. They were all not at home. Just then we found out her friend’s husband’s sister was my Chinese teacher back in Primary Five! OMG. Me: Over-whelmed. She came out to help pass some CNY goodies to my aunt’s friend.

Her friend’s husband is also the uncle who used to give us a lift sometimes to get back from BSB to KB. I saw him and his daughter a few days before CNY but forget to tell my aunt! HAHA

We decided to go out for dinner but it was already 9pm. It was late mostly because my uncle wants to drive one of the Audi’s and not the Honda Jazz >< My aunt says he is a "Nazi mobile" lover! LOL My uncle could not even get the car lights on! LOL Nonetheless, got to London’s Kebab safely.


(My aunt. While waiting for food)


(Mine: Kid’s portion)


(My ten years old cousin: Normal portion ><)


(My cousin. Yes, that is my wool jacket ><)

I had a kid’s portion Half of a normal one). Walked around and got home.

Suddenly, my aunt’s friend called! She was not joking when she said she was coming over to have a meet-up session after such a long time! I stayed up late also, online and playing with Osim iSqueeze.


(Uncle Siah, his wife (Rosie), my uncle – his wife is in Miri already, my aunt)

My family is getting annoyed with the fact that I online so much. My aunt asked her friend whether her children are like that too. She said this is the NEW generation! LOL. But at least I was researching on universities! Not like I am doing what I did usually HAHA Does it make much difference? LOL

Got more Clarityne, effervescent Vitamin C, and Actifed. Sleep. It was a hard night because my cough became worse! TT


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