Third day of CNY!

Boring!! Had to wake up at 6.15am. Shower. Get ready. go up to BSB. WORK TT

Oh well.. at least I got to see Izzah! Been such a long time. Two days of no work makes me lazy! But I reached early and had a solo breakfast. Just when I was enjoying my cup of hot honey lemon, I realised my mobile is LOST TT

Lost my mobile again TT Sigh… I remember seeing it early in the morning. I panicked a while because I might get scolding especially when there is still so much credit in my mobile. But then decided to just let it be since I cannot do much until I can get someone’s phone to call my sister or whoever to locate my mobile.

End of story –> my mobile is left in KB house HAHA nothing much happened today but I had lots of laugh at work. My cough got worse due to more talking and shouting. My throat is getting sore TT

More working days! I seriously can’t wait to get out of Brunei and start a less routine like life! =S



P.s. Every CNY, we will have fresh flowers. Sometimes its orchid, sometimes its lily etc.. This time it is DAISY! And I think I love daisies now =P





Update: I actually typed all the CNY 2009 related posts earlier on but was too sick to put any pictures in. I am still unwell but sane enough to post in pictures) Memories etched. I am now waiting for the time when me and my besties meet for like the first time ever after a long long period of time and talk! Just like how my aunt and uncle meet uncle Siah and Aunt Rosie! I actually hope that won’t happen because I hope to be able to keep in close contact with them all. But, with the pace of life like this, who knows?


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