Laptop died on me midnight

Yes just as I said I got it reformatted and died on me. But nevermind. The next morning it was alright. I am still going to send it back to be checked. =S


I have so many things to update. When it comes to blogging, I rarely say I am too tired to blog. But this is certainly the time. But for my own sake, I will still try find some time to blog about them. If I do not, most probably I will just do one about 6th of February.

Let me just find the time to actually get pictures out of my camera. Then probably I will blog about things smoothly. =P

My list of to do’s is simply endless. OMG, getting to think about it, I am seriously so frustrated that I do not get the promised 27th and 28th off days. I only got 28th February. I am actually able to claim hours on the 25th and 27th then. Suddenly *poof* I cannot do so too.

My flight back to KL is a late night one on 1st of March. When I get to the new place, it would be near to midnight. Even worse if my flight delaysss.. (it always does! =(( ) I have to unpack, clean up, prepare my bed, shower.. MOst probably get to sleep like at 4am ++? My classes start at freaking 8am in the morning can? I will be like sleeping for less than three hours because I need at least one hour to prepare to go to uni!

Nevermind, continue with my to do list:

  • pack my luggage and decide to bring the hand carry or not (I do not want to because it means I have to sacrifice some room space to place another hand carry) But I think I have to because with only about two thirds of my things, my luggage is over-flowing already =((
  • get my hair done Should I get back the fringe?
  • get my visa and re-entry permit renewed which I hope could be done soon!
  • get my money sorted to be changed to RMs which means I have to find a time to go over the border and deposit into Maybank =S there goes my 28th, I am going to look like a zombie!
  • buy the things on my “to buy list” including lots of Tasty and some chocolates
  • sort out my important documents meaning to have printed at least a copy of my itinerary and look where my passport is! =S
  • get my laptop “stamped” healthy and remember to pack along the CDs into the Samsonite bag instead of the Dell bag.
  • get the accessories for my new toy ready including the headphone and extra stylus.
  • remember to get my back pack into luggage along with camera, iPod and external hard disk of course its cables, chargers, extra memory, etc (charge iPod, phone and camera fully!! ><” )

I know for sure there are more things but then.. I am very tired already. I will blog about 6th of February soon! =D


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