Screams: Hah, you just emo la.. Tomorrow will be fine! (Orange, 2009)

Mood: Emo

Location: Home, Brunei


It was at the brim…
Just that little push…
That’s all it need…

I wanted to stop…
But I did not force myself to…
I did not want to…

For an hour…
They just trickled…
Wet and sticky…

Yet I am surprised…
How I can still chat like nothing is going on with so many other people.
Yet be truthful to so little!

I only told him that I am emo.
I admitted to another him that I am crying.
Others are oblivious to what is happening in front of my side of the laptop.

I was just being emo, yes, I was.
I just wanted to sit there alone.
I just wanted to let them flow.

When I avoided the eye contacts.
When I was silent.
When I looked at my mom fiercely.
When I refused to answer my uncle’s questions.
When I was reluctant to share my “already suffocating” area with my brother.
When I shoved my baby sister away when she was trying to comfort me.
When I shouted at Aunt Damas.
When Mario’s wife forgot to re-plugged the switch.
When I get overly-irritated by the lateness.
When I get so bitter about me being late for the appointment.
When I refused to go for the already-late-appointment.
When all the other things happened…


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