Mood: Neutral

Location: FKS Restaurant, Brunei

Laptop is sent back for more health checks. Thus, the lack of updates, especially those adorned with pictures.

My mood is not at its best lately. Been throwing a lot of fits and tantrums. Being a pain in the ass is sometimes unavoidable.

I am almost done packing. Room is in a mess in just less than mere few hours of clean up by Aunt Damas because I was frustrated at not being able to find something. Read above.

My luggage is still overweight after I removed many body products. Initially, it was overweight by about ten KGs. Now, it is overweight by three KGs. I am not totally done. So I think I will need to pay a lot more ><

My baby sister is still as cute, if not more.

I demand for her to willingly let me bite her arm. She allowed. In order to teach her to play fair, I let her bite me too. For the second time, she shook her head and told me: “ENOUGH!” haha..

Everyday she is still excited to see me when I am back from work or when she is back from school. She will give me warm hugs and long sound kisses! She still chants: “Hi Jie Jie, I love you, I miss you” to me specifically. When my elder sister make her call her “Jie Jie” too, my baby sis will ask her, innocently, “What are you talking about?” HAHA I think I will miss her terribly.

There is a branch of TBS in The Mall where I used to work in 2007/2008. It is near to where my dad’s restaurant is. Whenever, my baby sis pass by there, she will go in and look for me, even though knowing I am not there. Now, she goes in to ask for strawberry perfume oil. She will hold out her hand and demand that some of the perfume oil be dripped on her wrist. She will then rub, smell, and say “STRAWBERRY!” all the while smiling! =))

I have placed a chat box in this blog finally Hopefully there will be no random spams like last time. The previous was was totally full of those even when my blog is already locked! =S

I will be back in Sunway in about two weeks (?!) Time flies.

Getting my visas (read: plural) and re-entry permit done! But still undone. Left to the father.


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