Screams: Sometimes it is so hard to understand people. Probably, really, people are not meant to be understood. We just have to dwell in this kind of complexity that humankind exudes.

Mood: Jolly

Location: Home, Brunei

I claimed some of my hours from work. Got to get off work earlier! So… I went on impulse shopping just now ><

I also got a new screen protector for my new toy =D It is now very clear and smooth! I like how it is =))

All the time, my baby sister tagged along. My elder sister is not very happy with my decision to let her come along. She is sort of annoying. HAHA.. Whenever you bring her out, it is all about her. Where she want to go, what she want to see or play, and she must *MUST* buy something. Moreover, she is a very manja baby! She is the youngest, so..yeah it counts!

Anyway how, I seldom spend time with her. So I let her tagged along. All the while, I let her listen to my iPod (she knows how to take care of it.. no worries!), she holds either mine or my sister’s (or both!) hands, she talks baby-gibberish, etc.

Until we reached the toy section. It was real headache. She wanted everything from kitchen set, to aeroplanes, to barbie dolls. Finally, there was one thing that made her stop there, unwilling to budge!

Yeah, a golf set! She watched too much cartoon! LOL.. she used to take the bowl, soup ladle and all (real ones for cooking) to mimic the golf game! HAHA.. she spotted this set and it comes in blue and yellow. The gold balls are of different colour some more! Since she just only learnt colours, I made her name all the colours before buying it for her.
It was a really fragile set not worth the price I was going to pay, so I went to look for better ones. But they only had those. I was forced to choose that. I made her name all the colours again, then I found out, she actually does not know WHITE! Probably no one taught her that “colour” yet. As we all should know by now, white is NOT a colour. It is a mixture of colour! Right? Oh well, she earned her set =))

I regret buying the dress on impulse but I am happy I went on a short shopping trip =)) My baby sister is now not sleeping (it is already half past twelve midnight) because she is still playing with the golf set! HAHA Luckily tomorrow is Sunday!

P.s. I will still try to find time to update about the “past” LOL

P.p.s My laptop is not back yet. Blogging without my laptop and the use of Windows Live Writer is so much of a fuss now =S


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