Mabel’s birthday!

It was Maria Bella’s (my shop manager based in Yayasan) 38th birthday on the 16th of February! But she did not have any cake because her thoughts was at the stage where she is not kids anymore, there is no need for cake! Ermm..probably we will all reach that stage too for once! =S

So on the 17th, when she was working, Izzah and I went to buy a small cake for her. IMG_8280 Only the three of us working so we only got a small chocolate cake! =D IMG_8277 We asked for permission to go out and shop for some food. Got into the one and only bakery. Chose a chocolate cake.   IMG_8276 Got the words written on the cake. Paid.  Put some candles on. IMG_8281 Passed some of my things to the people in Giordano (our neighbour) so that I have free hands to take pictures.

IMG_8282IMG_8283IMG_8284 Izzah lighted the candles and we proceed to go in, singing the Birthday song. IMG_8286 I think Mabel some how knew we were getting her a cake! She came out looking happy.IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8289 Took a picture with the cake.IMG_8290 Made a wish..or probably wishes.IMG_8292IMG_8294 Blow the candles. IMG_8297  IMG_8298 Cut the cake.IMG_8300 Eat the cake =D


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