Rachel and gang’s visit!

I know! This is so passé (2nd February 2009)! But I still want to blog about this. Rachel is way younger than me but I click with her. I miss her many a times and I get to see her like just once a year? LOL


She is now studying in Kota Kinabalu. Pharmacy or something? I do not know. All I know is she does not like that course but study it because her father wants her to. I do not get the point of her father doing this but oh well, I do not think I have a right to interfere! =S


She can easily come back to Brunei by car, bus, or airplane.  But all the times she came back, she always promise to find me and turn out to just MSN me few hours before she leave or SMS me just right before she leave. =(( This time is it so different. She came back for CNY. She invited me to her open house but I was too tied up by work and own CNY celebrations.


Sincerely, sorry I did not make it. But she broke way too many promises to me too =P haha Before she left for KK, after the CNY celebrations, she specially came to find me in my work place! =D ok, probably she came to do more groceries shopping for the fact that in KK, the Giant does not sell Pop Mie (???) and yeah, they do not have Jusco!


She stayed for quite sometime. I enjoyed talking to her. Got to know some new friends. One was Deen who is going to go to Sunway College University this coming April. She left just right before the shop closed. *Thanks for making the effort to come see me =D*


The next day was my day off. We met up again but this time in The Body Shop at The Mall. Went to have nasi katok but I only had a drink because I had dinner. Those who live in Brunei will love nasi katok. Something found nowhere else! =P When many heard about it, it is nothing special. Oh well, because that is not something from your counntry =P


Her flight was supposed to be a midnight one  but she ended up not flying back then because of the heavy rain. The flight was delayed to 6am in the morning. She did not go home and did not even bother to inform her parents.

Apparently, her parents are angry at her for not getting home before 9pm sharp! No matter what, both parties are at wrong. I keep my mouth shut. Just talked on the phone with her and made sure she stays well and do not get too naughty there HAHA

And on the very same night, I found out the college that she studies in, is located in a plaza OWNED by our Mr Kiung Jeou Yee’s dad! hmmm…


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