Random happenings!

  • 5th February!
    A customer’s baby! So cute. I cannot resist but asked to have some pictures =PIMG_8175IMG_8176
  • 5th February!
    Those full time staffs have to join in a contest where they will do make up on a Smudge Chart. Most were lazy to do so. I thus helped Mabel and Izzah to draw them. There were to do one for Day Look. And one Creative look! I only took pictures of the one I did for Izzah!IMG_8179 Creative look
    IMG_8182 Day Look
  • 6th February
    My baby sister always seen me with make-up. Feeling like it is fun, this is what she did to her own face (This is taken after most of the colours been wiped away!)IMG_8212She actualyl had much more vibrant blue on her brow areas. VERY RED CHEEKS. Haha
  • 9th February
    It was last day of CNY! Got open house! I got home earlier. This time, I spent some time to talk with the guests, unlike during Christmas/NY eve period where I went into my room and ignore others LOL

    Shee Yunn came too. I got to make-up with her, talk a lil, catch up and all. Did not get to do much. I left my camera at work. Thus, no pictures! =((

    I had a lil too much vodka too. Thus was tipsy and went to sleep while still online, webcamming with Shee Yunn and Jeou Yee.

  • 15th February
    Met a pair of siblings. Korean studying in Brunei. The way they talk are so cute! Thus, I requested for pictures. My customers sure think I am a freak by now lah! HAHAIMG_8236 IMG_8235
  • 22nd February
    My mom felt that there were some cats in the counter inside the restaurant. She heard lots of meow-ing sounds. Thus, Mario was called to help check. He removed two kittens. Very tiny.
    IMG_8472 My baby sister used to be very brave. The two dogs all avoid back in KB house, she was able to make the two dogs afraid OF her! *salute* 

    But then one day, one of the dogs was jealous of her because my uncle carried her, so bit her on her leg. Since then, my baby sister dislike and is afraid of them dogs already! HAHA And when she saw the kittens, we asked her if she wants them, she said “Cannot”. Further pushing, she said “NO! I do NOT want!”. When we asked why, she said “Because I do NOT want LAH” My baby sister still cannot communicate well. But she really made it clear that we cannot have the cats! HAHA

  • 20th February
    Madame Bellavia is a nice French woman. I knew her as my customer in The Body Shop in 2007. Till after a year, she still remembers me.
    IMG_8315 That day, she came over to just say good bye to me because she know I will be leaving soon. She even brought me a little gift from Vietnam. She left me her address and I exchanged with her too. She is going to mail me (as she said) when she get back to Paris for good or so!IMG_8312 Thanks so much for everything; the friendship, the kindness, the patience, the gift and all =D
  • 24th February
    I went to do my hair. Touch ups! Once done, my sister came to pick me up. My baby sister tagged along. Once I got into the car, she came to me, probably want to kiss me. But instead touch my hair, smelled it and say: “eeeee…smelly!” HAHA

    There are just so many things with my baby sister. She brought me so much laughter! I am so going to miss her. So soon, I am going back to Sunway already! (Do not know to be happy or to be sad! But I guess we should learn to be glad about everything?)


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