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I want to live by my “Things to be kept in mind”

sad But sometimes it is just so hard. I made that list, printed it out nicely with colours. Pasted it right beside my bed. Hopefully I can live up to what I intend to.

Just sometimes… sometimes, just a mere shout or cry seem so hard! Just because you KNOW them and they are being just so… (I don’t know).grusskarte_sorry This certain someone kept doing some things, to me it is wrong, at me while probably they do not feel so. Or that certain someone did know it was wrong but sorry just seems to be a really HARD word?

Not to say we should simply use the word “Sorry” but we can never deny the therapeutic effect it gives when said sincerely. There were so many times things happened and I try to overlook it. However, can people understand the word “Limit”?metoyoubed_j7qm8o6c (1) Nevermind, I will have my much needed sleep! Sleep over it, they say?! HAHA…



P.s. I kept having abdominal pain cause of not covering up with a blanket while sleepinng! Urghhhh


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Barry Marshall 26th March 2009

We attended a lecture given by Nobel Laureate, Barry Marshall. An interesting talk about H. Pylori! It was video streaming type because he was in the Melbourne campus where Zen Xern got to hear him live!IMG_9442 We got to see lagging videos of him! HAHA.. IMG_9443 Those were Shane, Ying Xuan and Tee Yee sitting right in front of the lecture (Damn semangat) IMG_9445 But Shane and Ying Xuan left half way through the lecture, and followed by Lee Ming. They missed out his SEXIST jokes. LOL

He kept on harping about how people rejected his papers and all. Did mention that through out, his papers will still be rejected but then in a more polite way since he is now a Nobel winner! HAHA really interesting talk (except on the parts where we did not get to see the lecture slides, only his face. So we did not get to know what he was talking about)

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A case! 26th March 2009

Used a taxi to the university during noon time. The taxi stopped beside a seven seaters car. When Shane got down, the taxi door slightly banged the other car.IMG_9440Spot the driver!

The driver (not owner) wants a compensation and started to degrade us about our education and brain etc. We called for the security in the university, got the help needed. That DRIVER suddenly became civilised and talked nicely. WTHe? ><IMG_9439 The scratch

Anyway, police were called but no report were made. No compensation given too! Even the police could not care less! Duh! The son of the boss (whom the driver came to pick up) said to call off the police case! Because he is short and got tiny weeny eyes, so his act was not cool HAHA 

Damn stupid lo! Police scratch for a minor scratch. I think its the damn driver, want the money for himself lo!

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Bluetooth in Laptop solved =)

26th March 2009

I mentioned that I will be free from 8am till 11am for that Thursday! Guess what? The Dell Engineer came only at 11am (or near to that time ><)

He called constantly to question me about the address I gave him! Hey, I stay here so I know the address ok? >< But nevermind, as long as the thing is settled =)IMG_9436 The Dell Engineer fixing it.IMG_9437

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Dinner at RM Cafe – 19.03.2009

19032009071An early dinner while shopping in Sunway Pyramid. 1903200906819032009069 At Asia Avenue. 19032009072Ying Xuan’s19032009073  Fimtan’s19032009074 JY and I ordered the same thing.19032009076 How he clean up the bones, I have no idea. HE DID NOT USE HANDS ><

Food was alright. 19032009070 I love the view there! =)

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Dedicated to Yan Yan!

Today is Yan Yan’s birthday! Been a few years that I did not get to celebrate with her. Will make a reminder to give her a long distance call =) And probably talk to Wei Wei too since his birthday is two days after her’s!

Yan Yan and I have a ten years age gap. I love her the most then before my baby sister was born. I admit I was/am bias. But it does not mean that I do not love her anymore. I have always been a good sister I think? For, I never allow physical punishments on them by whoever (mostly my dad) and I teach them values they should carry as virtues rather than spoiling them (most of the times! HAHA) and many more things… But we never had enough time together (which is why sometimes I spoilt them a tiny weeny bit!).

I live in another city, and get to see her only during weekends or holidays. When I officially move to the same house, I flew to Paris for more than half a year. Left Paris for good and stayed with her for five months only and left for Malaysia for studies. Oh well…

Probably all through these years, Yan Yan has been rebellious (in a lot of different ways) and a bit wild. But, I just have to make it known, she will always be one of my loveliest sister =) Happy birthday, I love you!

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Some thoughts… some quotes…

It is all right to shy away from conditions/people you dislike. Unknown

We love those who know the worst of us and don’t turn their faces away. John Buchnan

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit. Aristotle

Yes, a friend is someone to cry with, someone to help you “halve” the sorrys of life, but equally important, maybe even more important, a friend is someone to laugh with, someone to help you multiply the joys of life. Kerry Willis

Just something about life and friends to be thought over and shared. Probably a lot of us read/know these but who ever really sit down, reading these over and over again, trying to understand their true meaning? Even if some who does know, they probably forgot. It is time to keep them afresh =)

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