Farewell Dinner 25.02.2009

26.02.2009 (Thursday) 11.13pmclear night Went for dinner at Tamu Selera! It was my first time there despite me being born in Brunei *shameful* It was supposed to be sort of like my farewell dinner but due to the lateness, we only enjoyed with a few.  IMG_8486 Widya and Nana were on off days, thus they make it there earlier. IMG_8483Widya’s mom was there too. IMG_8490 I tagged Izzah and her fiance along after work. IMG_8491 Nurul came thereafter with her boyfriend.

The food that we had:IMG_8492 Juicy!IMG_8493 Clams! My first time having them like this. And I do not know how to open them. Fell onto floor *shameful* But it was nice. And I am allergic to it TTIMG_8494 And I have to tell you, this is damn nice! =) Kangkung with sambal =DIMG_8495 This is baby kailan with oyster sauce I think! Its very very good (if compared to those in Monash Cafeteria!) but my dad cooks better ones =PIMG_8496 IMG_8497 Trying to open a baby clamIMG_8501 IMG_8502 IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_8509 IMG_8514 IMG_8516 One of the cats that wander around frightening people like me! *embarrassing*IMG_8517I think this is the one which frightened me *curse it*IMG_8520  Only after eating I got to walk around the place! Too hungry bah! Eat first lo!IMG_8526 The seafood *fresh*IMG_8527 IMG_8528Mizu serves better seafood and their food taste way better than that of Bob’s! But the price is slightly pricier! Well, it is better to have value for what you are eating rather than get some just ordinary, less than what’s expected food right?


P.s. Thanks for the dinner.


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