Year 2, Semester 1 (2009)

09.03.2009 (Tuesday) 11.45pmclear night Seriously, I still feel very lost as to what my units are going to be like. I have not read anything at all. I did not really pay any attention during the first week of my lectures. Second week is starting but Monday would be a public holiday.

This past week, it had been totally busy! But at least I got almost all the things settled except for the internet. My room is arranged and cleaned. I have got my table. I have got places to put/hang my clothes. Pictures would be up soon.

I have already installed the printer and got the inks. I printed out some of my lecture handouts. Also some for Shane. Because the two of us are not as efficient as others, i.e., LEAN LEE MING! Nevermind.IMG_8721 All in all, things were pretty much sorted and settled. I have to give big thanks to someone. Thank you Kiung Jeou Yee for all those help. All the shopping trips (Carrefour, Pyramid, Ikea, Lowyat), the setting of the study table, the words of wisdom, the guidance, everything. Thanks so much!

It had been a full week. The room is good now, albeit a little small. It is not too hot or warm for me despite having only a ceiling fan. Sometimes I even switch off the fan in the middle of the night!IMG_8727 Internet is in progress, kitchen is pretty much neat, fridge is always full, IMG_8725 there is a TV for us, the living room is pretty much spacious, IMG_8728water heater has not been bought for the toilet outside (but I am wondering if it is necessary!), toilets are fine (I can use both) but the one outside is currently not so fine because the shower knob (what do you call it?) is off? A shoe rack would be coming to fit all our shoes in!

Water pressure is pretty much annoying at times but tolerable. It is just pretty low in the master bedroom’s toilet. So when I have to wash my face or brush my teeth there, it annoys me (a little). But the shower part is very nice with the good water pressure =)) But it seems a bit too troublesome to always go into that room for the shower!

Dinner been cooked a few times. The first time was.. IMG_8650IMG_8649 oh well, I shan’t be complaining. It is good enough to have someone cook for us =)) The egg was pretty good. I forgot who did it though!IMG_8724 Then comes the second time, which is more decent with three dishes (bean sprouts, egg and tofu!)

I went to Ikea to get some stuffs (which eventually made my bill comes up to Rm210 TT) And had always wanted to use their colourful spoons, forks, knives, etc… Everyone used except a spoiler (Tan Tee Yee) Sighh.. Nevermind.

As mentioned, busy week, went to Carrefour twice, went to Sunway Pyramid countless times, to Ikea and to Lowyat. More will be blogged about those times if time allows! =P


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