• Life in Sunway as a second year university student is sure hectic. Lectures and labs started in the first day.
  • Living in Lagoon Perdana is not as bad as what were being imagined back then. Just that I am still very paranoid of “foreigners”. Probably I am a racist! But hey, I do have friends of different “colours” ok?! I don’t know. I am just weird probably.
  • I officially dread Wednesdays now because I have two labs on that day with a HEAVY bag! >< It is bad enough I have to sleep late and wake up very early in the morning (6.15am or earlier) from Monday to Wednesday just because all the classes start at 8am and we have to WALK HALF AN HOUR to reach university!
  • Living in the 18th floor sure is still very dusty! Since last two days, I keep on sneezing and have runny nose once I get out of my room, near to the kitchen area. Thus, I spent the whole three hours right after I wake up, sweeping and mopping yet on second round of mopping, the water is still damn filthy! That is the common area. Luckily not my room and the boys’ room. Or else I swear I won’t sleep in my room!
  • I am living these few days alone. All went back to Penang. I was sure, ok not really, that I can stay alone. Jeou Yee came for the first night but it was just, normal. The second night was quiet, not eerily type =D Just reminds me of the time in Paris where there was a few days I was alone too. I think I do enjoy lone times =) But back then in Paris, I spend the afternoons wandering the streets. Here, I spend the afternoons being maid >< HAHA Well, I am not complaining since I am staying here without a maid!
  • I am capable of being independent but it is tiring. The job of being a wife is sure hard, not to mention that of a mother who needs to take care of her children. I do not know if it is a good thing to have a maid my whole life or not. It is good for the fact that I do not have to worry so much of my well being. But it is not very good that now I have to suddenly take up the task and yet still manage with my studies! I do not know how long I can last being clean and in a clean environment. Why? Read next point.
  • I have two lab reports due just right in the second week. Ain’t that great? Hmm.. there are still revisions undone (ok, I have not started any) and then the genetics lab on Monday! Oh no, I am going to tell you I will dread everyday. Monday to Thursday, university. Weekends on cleaning my room! Arghh! ><
  • Ok, stop complaining! Go and really get things started. REPORTS! ><” (Oh yeah, I am going on a field trip soon! =D) Should not be so happy since we have to get two reports done for that field trip! Urghhh!

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