Barry Marshall 26th March 2009

We attended a lecture given by Nobel Laureate, Barry Marshall. An interesting talk about H. Pylori! It was video streaming type because he was in the Melbourne campus where Zen Xern got to hear him live!IMG_9442 We got to see lagging videos of him! HAHA.. IMG_9443 Those were Shane, Ying Xuan and Tee Yee sitting right in front of the lecture (Damn semangat) IMG_9445 But Shane and Ying Xuan left half way through the lecture, and followed by Lee Ming. They missed out his SEXIST jokes. LOL

He kept on harping about how people rejected his papers and all. Did mention that through out, his papers will still be rejected but then in a more polite way since he is now a Nobel winner! HAHA really interesting talk (except on the parts where we did not get to see the lecture slides, only his face. So we did not get to know what he was talking about)


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