Dedicated to Yan Yan!

Today is Yan Yan’s birthday! Been a few years that I did not get to celebrate with her. Will make a reminder to give her a long distance call =) And probably talk to Wei Wei too since his birthday is two days after her’s!

Yan Yan and I have a ten years age gap. I love her the most then before my baby sister was born. I admit I was/am bias. But it does not mean that I do not love her anymore. I have always been a good sister I think? For, I never allow physical punishments on them by whoever (mostly my dad) and I teach them values they should carry as virtues rather than spoiling them (most of the times! HAHA) and many more things… But we never had enough time together (which is why sometimes I spoilt them a tiny weeny bit!).

I live in another city, and get to see her only during weekends or holidays. When I officially move to the same house, I flew to Paris for more than half a year. Left Paris for good and stayed with her for five months only and left for Malaysia for studies. Oh well…

Probably all through these years, Yan Yan has been rebellious (in a lot of different ways) and a bit wild. But, I just have to make it known, she will always be one of my loveliest sister =) Happy birthday, I love you!


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