I hope YOU know I am talking about you!

…But I figure you do not like it how I put you center-stage in my blog post! So I shall let you guess whether it is you or not!

People said: “Sharing is caring.” I agree to a certain limit. If you are going to share your wife/husband, I think no one is going to be happy (well, I know there are a few rare exceptions).

I actually enjoy sharing only with people who do the same. There are these kinds of people, whom you deemed are your friends. You have resources, you share with them but they never do so back at you. Maybe it is just they do not care about sharing, or they are KIASUs? Oh well.. There ARE such people who are capable of doing well in school yet believe it is a SIN to help others excel too.

People said: “Burning out others candle does not make yours shine any brighter!” Haven’t heard of that much? But I think it is alright to just NOT share with people I dislike (just plainly because they do not want to share too!) RECIPROCATE!

This is clearly a note to xxxxx (born under the range of those kiasu people and also those stingy people) who at one point indirectly accused me of not wanting to share what I have got. It was, by the way, none of your business too since you do not need to use what I have. Moreover, I am not you, I do not mind sharing my senior reports obviously only with people I deem to be nice! You could only think of me not wanting to share because you usually do not share, I think? If you do not think it is you, it might as well probably be YOU!

To make things clearer, you can try asking me to share with you, and IF I jokingly (or seriously) said no, you will know that you are the KIASU that I am talking about. Or another not so obvious way is when I willingly hand my report for someone to see and yet very RELUCTANT to lend it to you! =P


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