No time to think of a title! Feel like updating after doing so many nights of work until about 4am in the morning. Reports, assignments, quizzes and university.. are my life now. (How I wish I can write all those like I write my blog posts!)

It has been like two months I did not have gastric. After first year in Monash, my gastric required medicine but I do not depend on them. Yesterday, probably because I had some sour-ish yoghurt drink at 3am on a quite empty stomach, I got bad gastric (but not as bad as those that feels like backbone pain). I has always took the liquid type of medication. Yum! Peppermint. But, the chewable types were more easier to bring around in bag, so I got those from Brunei. I had them and they taste nothing like peppermint despite it is peppermint taste! Ewwww!! (Probably tasted like those chemicals you mixed in the laboratory)

I forgot that I was not supposed to lie down too. The pain got worse. Called back to Brunei and asked my aunt about it. So sorry to have made her worry! She advised me to take another tablet and probably look for liquid type. Oh well, when I have time. But the best thing would be to not stress over my works? And not to sleep so late. But.. oh well, c’est la vie!

Wait till I get my degree!! (Will I pass it even? *skeptical*) Life is so tiring at this stage. But, no worries, I can go through it as long as I persevere! =)

So one Ecology report to go till holiday comes. But during holiday, I will have a FLYLAB Genetics report, a Microbiology report and a Biochemistry Assignment 2! I need some break in between but I want to be able to have fun too. Year two…of uni… is NOT only tiring, but hectic! ><”

Once break is over, I have exam again >< Study over the break yo! Sighh! I will pull through! =) *determined look*

*probably I made a wrong choice and decision…* But I have no way to turn back now because I want to persevere! =) Keep fighting yo!  I do not want to waste time too. Its best everything pass quickly and I get to do what I want. =)


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