A quite unrequired move

Yeah it is one by me. Oh well, just to NOT harp on the matter more. I would just like to say I understood what happened because someone was kind enough to explain it to very much earlier on. Although he said I do not listen, how sure is he that I did not listen? I did not go on and on about the same matter when I decided to let go, yet to have someone bringing things back.

Had that certain someone actually explained RIGHT ON SPOT what had happened, I would not be as angry/frustrated/annoyed. People who leave space for misunderstandings should not be pointing fingers at people too. And most probably that person forgot I mentioned to him that I wanted to talk to him. He was busy then. But now, its my turn to be busy. But no worries, I shan’t dwell with what I have decided not to! No more talking required. Waste of time. No need to carry on a move that is unappreciated.

Talking to the Wiseman, always enlighten my heart. He has the ability to put things into perspective without being biased. He could help me turn my negative thoughts into the positive ones. He can always see things from a side where I refused to when I am frustrated, angry, jealous or what so ever.

He actually forced me to face what I do not like about myself. What is that actually? Hmm..it took me some time to admit that I am actually a very very biased person. If I like someone, no matter what wrong that person did, it would not matter. But IF I have a SLIGHTEST bit of dislike for that person, whatever that person does would be MAGNIFIED and I would be very very irritated. Not that I did not know I am a very judgmental person which I had always try not to. But it is hard at times.

Especially when you know someone tried to mislead you to think of another issue(s) or a person in a bad light. I do not like it when people try to influence me by using GOSSIPS. If you want me to see things your way, please put the facts right and let me, MYSELF, to decide which side to take or, UP ON THE FENCE =) No I would not like to discuss more on all these stupid issued told to me wrongfully!

Anyway, Mr Wiseman actually reminded me something very very very important, that is, to have a big heart. I am a very unforgiving person but I guess there is always a time that I need to be very acceptable of other people despite how much I am unwilling to or dislike that person. But I am never going to give up the very little sleep I get for inconsiderate people. But according to Mr Wiseman, yet again, probably that person is not inconsiderate. Just that even a whisper from that person is already loud. You can never expect that person to be “soft” when you are trying to sleep. BUY EAR PLUGS OR LISTEN TO iPOD =)

Yeah and he reminded me I have another blog titled “The Drain For Unhappiness” which was a blog created to keep all the sad posts. I have forgotten about it. Or rather chose to forgot it because no one likes bad memories. How much would a person actually DREAD going into an unhappy blog and blog about stuffs? But I guess it is time to revive it =)

He said: “把烦恼和忧虑放进盒纸里。快乐可以很简单。” My thought of the blog is just like putting the unhappiness and worries into a box. Every other things would just be easier and happier. AND HAPPINESS COMES ALONG =) Thank you so much!

Whoever wants to comment on him being nice can do so here instead of going to tell me personally or through MSN. Cause he knows he is nice too HAHA

P.s. No, I have not been contacting him or talking to him regarding what happened for more than 30 hours. He had always advised me whenever required. AND it was discussed for a long period of time (last two weeks or so?) on how I should be more forgiving. I tried but I am tired of people who keep grudges. But I told him I am not going to give up! I will just live my life the way I want to; with appropriate self-reflections at times. Ignore those who bring you down! CHEERS =)

P.p.s. Yes, your post did make me stop to think awhile. But what ran through my mind was already passé because Mr Wiseman let me see through a lot of things and even suggested what you said. Words hurt but it is a matter of how much truth you are willing to accept. I recover pretty fast because I agree with what Suh Ming said. Do not wallow in self pity when sad because the world is still going to turn. And oh yeah, you should be civilised rather than opting for threats =P

P.p.p.s Suh Ming, IF I am wrong about the thing, please do leave a comment under the post itself to correct me! AND let’s stop emo-ing! (Not that you do now since you have so many chocolates!) LOL


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