Hui, when will you learn to remember those words???

She said: “When things are petty enough, just let go!”

He said: “Do not trust anyone so simply!”

I have always listened to my aunt and uncle very obediently as long as the thing is logic. They know and I know I am a person who only listen hard enough if I been through it and fall hard on the ground. With exceptions, that is when that thing is logical in all awaking senses when first told to me.

I believe what they tell me is true but regarding trust, I hold my own principles. I think everyone you first meet deserves a clean sheet of grade sheet. We would never get to know people if we decided to give them a failing grade on trust first.

Thinking back how I always simply trust and gained so much more heartaches back, I still do the same. Trust is so easily given by me. Probably that is why, many took them for granted. Give 100% and slowly subtract, do it the stupid CCFoo’s way. Continue, continue…

Another she said: “None are trustable nowadays. YOU NEVER KNOW!

And I end up sitting in a corner thinking to myself, “The world is not so complicated, is it?”. There should still be a lot of angels around and I believe I am seeing them everyday. Keep on trusting, keep on believing!

Another he said: “When you keep thinking the negative side of the things, the negative side would be the truth. Learn to see the positive side, your life will be happier.”

And I tell him, I am trying hard to… “I am seeing angels everyday”

The another she re-iterated: “None is TRUSTABLE nowadays!

And I questioned, “WHY?

And she put it simply, “Because you have not seen the true nature of human. And you, you know, how you yourself is like.

And yes, I do know. AND I will do go for pay back time!

She disagreed and said simply once again: “I knew you so long! So long! You always say so but never, never ever has the heart to do it”.

And this is when I begin to hate myself so much for not being able to reciprocate pains people inflicted on me. Will this be the start of the most feared?


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