What is physical pain…

… when compared to non-physical pain?

Heartaches, betrayals, mistrust, or just simply frustrations…

It is indescribable. When one really went through those indescribable pains deep enough, probably that’s the time they understand why so many people in this world turned to self mutilation.

The wounds/cuts that can be seen with own eyes. Albeit self inflicted, they seem so much more surreal. They suddenly showed how badly injured the soul is.

But none ever knows, one cut can never substitute the total indescribable pains. That is why self mutilation occurs repetitively. With multiple cuts…

The blood oozing out seemed like a relief. A total relief indeed for that instant. The remnants of the scar showed it is already a history. That is, until history repeats itself again…

Is this how people who inflict harm on themselves feel?


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