Them missing me; or Me missing them?

I guess both ways lah! HAHA. My uncle was still oblivious to the fact that I am not back in Brunei. He called to ask when I should be back LOL.

I guess he was busy too. I actually forgot about his birthday until two weeks later. There were too many things up on my mind and sleeves. Once I finishes the before-break-assignments, I got time to think over a lot of things. And started missing home where I am always tolerated.

But nonetheless, that was also when I remember about my uncle’s words and I sms-ed him. Nowadays, he is quite busy. Calling to talk on the phone with him is a privilige. Sms would be more convenient. I got lazy to email haha.

Anyway, he called like after about a week of my late greeting sms, which is today. Yeah I know how terrible I am to have forgotten But when you grow older, birthdays mean less. Yes, I think I am old cause I am not as fond of birthdays as before. And my uncle, I think he don’t mind. Hey, at least I remembered ok? Its never too late… HAHA

Updated on the generals, life, money, university. Always everything is good, money is enough, no sickness. Probably he knows that was a heck load of lies cause it is impossible to NOT have my aunt tell him that I called back regarding my gastric. But, nevermind, I do not want him to worry too much about me. He has enough to care for in Brunei.

I basically think I updated my family enough already lah! My dad, my aunt, my uncle, my sister and my brother. I hate calling home. Yes. I do not like it because I am long winded! =P And also because I might sound sad.


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