Day out @ 11.04.2009

With Yan Wan =D

Had been missing all my ex-housemates a lot =(( And so coincidentally, Yan Wan looked for me. I jumped at that moment albeit having made a timetable to do my work. But since when will I follow my own timetable? LOL. But making a timetable let me feel things are organised. But, follow it? Tralalala~ haha

Anyway, was supposed to get Sulyn to come along but she went back. It was a Saturday. Mid semester break! =) that is filled with lots of work to do! =( But I did have my fair share of fun =)IMG_9894 Yan Wan came to pick me up. Been so long. =) Was so glad to see her! =D We shared dinner, chit chat, watched Knowing, more chit chat, and she brought me to grocery shopping. Bought damn lots but she said nevermind because she can send me home. She is always as caring =)IMG_9905 Not much picture because more time were spent talking =) Next time! We MUST go out again, and Sulyn, no, even if you are in Johor, you roll back! =P sigh, Bee Fong no hope lah! HAHA =P But I will wait for the day when we will go out four by four for another nice dinner like the one we had in Ole Ole Bali =)


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