Earth Hour 2009 with MNSM @ 28.03.2009

We were supposed to have the MNSM BBQ at a park some where that morning but then there were too much red tapes (some insurance stuff ==) IMG_9670 And thus the trip was cancelled and we have to just do it the same like every semester. IMG_9675 BBQ in front of cafeteria. At night.IMG_9673 But this is alright too because I got the chance to join the MEMS Treasure Hunt hehe..IMG_9674And coincidentally, Earth Hour would be in between. 8.30pm till 9.30pm. And so, we go in the name of EARTH HOUR =) Though it damn failed. Nevermind IMG_9677IMG_9682Marshmallows =) One of my favourite sweet tooth saviour =)IMG_9694 Got some fireworks in tow too =)IMG_9699 Had some bonding game which was actually a bit cruel. But it was all good fun! =) The two won. Brownie and who? Forgot LOL (Just joking haha)IMG_9705


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