Skytrek, Bukit Cahaya @ 16.04.2009

A trip organised by Sue! Thanks so much =) It was a real great trip! =) I already had some soreness around my groin area due to elephant riding but it did not hinder me from going to this adventure fun-filled trip =)

Totally worth all the gastric, muscle sore, hand/leg cramps =D most would have seen all the pictures in Facebook, but here goes those picture once again =P IMG_0113 IMG_0126IMG_0135 IMG_0145 IMG_0174 IMG_0193 The real adventure starts with this real long climb =)IMG_0195 IMG_0207 IMG_0224 IMG_0175A lot more pictures in facebook. It was a total fun with some mishaps.  But its all good now =)IMG_0237 IMG_0236IMG_0241The food and cam-whore sessions! =)  IMG_0281Cycling too. This, on top of the harness that suspended me mid-air, caused the few days long butt sore HAHA IMG_0295 Thanks Tijo for the ride home =))

Thanks to everyone for such a fun-filled trip =) Etched under my good memories =D


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