Treasure Hunt with MEMS @ 28.03.2009

MEMS – Monash East Malaysian Society.

No, I am not a Malaysian. Thus, not an east Malaysian too =P

But I joined for the fun of it. Jeou Yee asked whether I would like to and thinking of how it could actually release stress, I joined.

I walked alone from Lagoon Perdana (because Shane and Lee Ming just decided they would rather not join) and met Jeou Yee at the hospital. There again, we met with Bernd. Walked over to Sunway University College. More waiting and introduction.

Finally, time to leave. It was planned that we all use the public transport but what is the point when all of us already know how to get around using them? =P So Jeou Yee, Benjamin and I went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Lai (he is doing business, 1st year 1st sem) and waited for Bernd’s car.IMG_9538

The uncle selling fruits and drinks posed and forced me to take a picture of him. I was only going to take a picture of the BUS that we were supposed to use! ==”IMG_9540 Anyway, the treasure hunt was at Ikea =) My third time around there. I do not know. I love going around Ikea. It is fun =)IMG_9543 We first went in for lunch at the cafeteria while waiting for the others to come in. The others as in the committee members and all =)IMG_9548 IMG_9550All the food. IMG_9552A lot of them tried the fish and chips. I dare not for fear of the “fishy” taste haha. IMG_9554The chicken wing was supposedly nice. I did not try. Will do so next time =) IMG_9553 The much overrated (as Jeou Yee said so) meat ball.IMG_9555I had the chicken with potatoes and carrots. Nothing to brag about but it is alright I guess. IMG_9556 Benjamin did that expression on purpose!!! >< hahaIMG_9562 The others who finally came. IMG_9569 But we finished first and guess we shall just go for some ice cream session. The first time I had it, was with Zen Xern and Jeou Yee. IMG_9572 This time, Zen Xern’s not in. HAHA. Been some good times =) The ice cream is nice and cheap =) MUST EAT!

After those food, its exercise time. Some random pictures of us throughout the hunt:

IMG_9580 IMG_9584 IMG_9589 IMG_9618 IMG_9626 IMG_9632 IMG_9666 All those running, sweating, accomplishing missions were good fun and! =) Good news: My team came in second. Bad news: There were only two teams. HAHA

But I heard we will still get prizes =) Teehee.. We would have gotten first but then I went back to Ikea (which was unnecessary) to get something. So sorry! =((

Anyway, Ikea joined in EARTH HOUR =)IMG_9546 But, it is always another chance for business right? Teehee~ Anyway, all in the name of environment =P


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