I slacked for two whole days!

1. Yes, I slacked pretty much after completing my Biochemistry assignment 2. Watched drama, played Friends For Sale in Facebook, chatting, blogging, went out for a movie, etc

2. Yeah, I went out for a movie =) Finally! Been too much to just stay at home doing boring works =S Felt so suffocated at home. The stupid hot weather does not help! It has been so long that I tried to get the housemates to go but none wanted to. Thanks to Michelle and Ying Xuan for layan-ing me =)

3. I hate Aprils now! damn hot and I never realised throughout my whole life. Only when there is no air-conditioner. Sighh.. never thought I would ever live without an air-conditioner other than in Paris (You would NOT need any there) My skin is getting terrible with lots of rashes, especially around my neck and arms. =S

4. I finished watching Gems of Life!!! 82 episodes! 45 minutes each episodes. This is how much I slacked! I laid down comfortable on my bed, but it was still pretty warm, and completed the series.

5. End of story –> I did not do my Genetics. I woke up very late this morning. And I am blogging! >< Its 11am now, I should start. But I figure it would end up with me doing nothing much and its time to have fun again! No no.. no one is going to have fun with me. They are so deeply engrossed in their work. Pah..boring!

6. *updated at 11.10am* Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I slacked so much and got sick. Sighh must blame the weather and not my slacking LOL. Woke up and felt the typical throat-mouth taste when I am getting sick, swollen lymph nodes near my jaw (both side), runny nose and heavy head TT no, I am NOT sick! I cannot be sick! Hmph *adamant look!*

P.s. Sulyn! I am so sorry for not being able to make it for lunch AGAIN. That assignment was supposed to be due at 5pm that day. But only at about 2pm (??), I was told it was extended to Monday. =S


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