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Hayden’s Belated 21st Birthday!

This is an amazing surprise planned for Hayden. Stemmed from Sue’s idea, Khoo’s smooth planning and all put together by everyone. Really happy to see Hayden’s surprised looks and also happy smiles.IMG_1322 It was a belated one because everyone had to study for Genetics. It is bad to have to study during your birthday right? Luckily I do not have to =) And the best of all, mine is always celebrated with fireworks and merry sounds of lion dance. Hehe. Oh well, pretty near the Chinese New Year la! Opps.. I went off topic. Forgive me for my narcissism =PIMG_1304 There was some surprises and birthday card writing in the uni first right after Genetics test. IMG_1306IMG_1305IMG_1308IMG_1315IMG_1351 IMG_1344 IMG_1371 Right after that, we went through all the traffic jam and reach Yuen in a few cars separately to celebrate his birthday. IMG_1390 IMG_1388 The must-have chicken wings. We were quite early and the place was totally empty =) And we got the very first serving of chicken wings without having to snatch for them =)IMG_1397 Some of the very nice people =)) IMG_1429More nice yet pretty people with me =))IMG_1414IMG_1439IMG_1448IMG_1423  It was a great dinner and happy times =) Hope you love it Hayden! =)IMG_1474 And thanks to Sue for getting us back home safely! I love your drifts =) And I hearts you! V^.^ (purposely make the peace sign same as your picture =P)


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A little lights-off moment

Those were moments of forced EARTH HOUR. I would have liked it to bits if there were stars and moon. I would have enjoyed it if it was windy. I would have LOVED it if I did not have to revise for the Genetics test today!

Yes.. there was a black out last night. And we all had to study for the Genetics exam! ==” This was what we did…IMG_1295IMG_1298 My torch light does serve me well many a times =) My first and only torch light =D But there was not enough of them and guess what… HAHAIMG_1276 Yeah… that was his mobile phone! LOL And there was someone who was too free. She had nothing to do, could not go home, yada yada yada… and she end up bored to death.IMG_1294

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Short one for now =)

  1. Learning to be real disciplined. Will use laptop an hour a day only till exams is over =)) I hope I can stick to this till then! And hope the second degree control from Mr Lean will help =S
  2. Very disappointed at the rate I am revising. I cannot focus and thought it was probably due to the internet and laptop and some other thing. Thus the #1.
  3. Had fried rice for lunch. Yummy! But baby clams missing! They do not sell it over here. I am so gonna bring loads from Brunei if I can =P
  4. Air ticket back to Brunei is confirmed. Bought it at a price so much more expensive when it is supposed to be so much more cheaper. Nothing can be done now so I shall just get over it.
  5. I miss having home cooked food and the variety I can have in my dad’s restaurant. It is a sad scene when you know you can have a variety in Sunway Pyramid yet you do not really want to eat any of those TT I miss my family suddenly.
  6. I thought I hurt someone badly when in fact he was just pretty busy doing something. Guess hints have not reached him. Anyhow clearer I made, it is still the same. Probably I wanted to leave it this way, for I do not hurt him and I do not get sad too. Seemingly, it is a selfish way of mine. Please forgive me!
  7. I am sad as someone did not actually keep his promise to me. I do not know, promises were always meant to be made with our heart and not meant to be broken so easily. I wonder why I still believe in promises TT
  8. Ms Michelle Tan Sze-Fan (just have to put your full name so I do not get the same case as #7) promised to come accompany me study for exams! Well, after your parents’ visit ok? =)
  9. I am glad having bought my earphones. They are great accompanying me studying albeit not helping me much cause my mind wanders a lot to faraway land! =S
  10. My fringe is not tame. It keeps going way-ward =S I do not like putting my hair up now cause it makes me look totally boyish ><

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I so damn hate this feeling.

A lot. A Lot. A LOT!

Underachieved is never a goal.

It is the impediment that constantly haunts me now.prince2  I want to run away.

I want to hide.

I want to just…

Want that feeling to disappear.

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Shave me. Save me! 26.05.2009

Yeah…money for a good cause. And we all cut our hair. =DIMG_1194 It was a lazy morning for me. I woke up intending to study for the online quiz due today. But I went back to sleep after the breakfast LOL And Khoo sms-ed me telling me that he and Jasmine would be coming soon to fix the kitchen light *touched* And Jasmine came too!!! =D hehe IMG_1157 After everything, they brought us to uni some more! They are damn nice people I tell you. I must have done something pretty good my previous life to meet such angels!

Anyway, we went to uni for last lecture for this semester. Genetics! And Dr Quah requested for a picture! damn nice! =DIMG_1192 IMG_1193 Thanks to Amanda for snapping these pictures for us =D And after that, went to have our lunch and off to the computer lab to do our quizzes! Right after that, we went to the charity area! =D This is us before hair cut. I know, my hair damn typical right? TTIMG_1195 But Khoo was earlier than all of us!!! HAHAIMG_1199 Such nice smile for a charity hair cut =) And here we all cam-whoring while waiting in queue for our hair cuts!IMG_1200 And met them while waiting! So long did not see them!!!IMG_1203 Tee Yee getting her hair cut!IMG_1204Khoo still having his hair cut!IMG_1205  His hair turned out real nice. I was waiting for my turn while he just finished. I insisted on a picture! HAHA damn sampat!IMG_1211 Lee Ming having his turn!IMG_1214 JJ having his turn too! IMG_1221And Shane. IMG_1220 Us with our new hair!IMG_1223 Sighh.. I am damn short! TT

Here is Amanda having her cut! IMG_1224 She looks like a doll!!!IMG_1230 Us with new hair cuts! IMG_1255IMG_1259 I was kind of dissatisfied. felt it was a bit too long still. I mean the fringe. So I got it cut a bit more shorter HAHA. The hair dresser kept on complimenting on how nice my hair is. He actually thought my hair was totally virgin hair. Untouched by chemical. He was surprised it was not and yet I do NOT do treatments for my hair.  =D So happy about this. Such nice compliments =DIMG_1266 Lee Ming also got more “cuts” because it seriously looked like Ah Pek before that HAHA.. and this is the only picture I have after my second hair cut!!! I looked…with rounder face now but I love fringe =D

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25th May 2009

Is a day where I slacked throughout but was happy! =D

Sometimes there are just people who do not add stress to your life and yet can brighten you up without any specific works and ways. Just simply by doing nothing or probably by their sole presence. It is nice =D

Many had to do the literature review which I will only take in my third year last semester *shivers* Many did not get to sleep in order to complete and there was weird stories on how some sacrifice just for PLUM >< HAHA. But then the very next day, after the work is all done, they all went for Red Box. I used to sleep in those singing sessions. But this semester, its bad, I go shopping. Twice already that I end up so much more poorer! TT Ok, probably I should not really complain because I enjoyed =D

I got things for my family and friends =D I love buying things for people, especially for people whom I care and I think worthy =D I shopped till I forgot about lunch! Walked for three hours plus! Lucky I am not using heels! =D I will not post up my shopping loot. *shy* HAHA.. but here is a picture with my new ear phones. I still love Philips.IMG_1053 I went to have my Maybank card changed to a Visa debit. I miss using a debit card. *how easy life is now =D* But due to the offline status of their system, I had to go to and fro thrice >< But at last it was done. Meanwhile I went to shop for something in Jusco. And after I was done, my ear phones have to fall and break TT It was reparable but it looked like it will break with some twist again. So.. sighh! IMG_1055 (Serves as his microphone too ==” LOL)

Here goes some pictures of them singing when I went to meet them up. Some already left for the lab classes (which they were pretty late for!)

In the CHINESE songs room (Room 36)IMG_1056IMG_1058 IMG_1060 IMG_1064IMG_1073IMG_1075 IMG_1074IMG_1076IMG_1083IMG_1084IMG_1086IMG_1085 In the ENGLISH songs room (Room 35) IMG_1066IMG_1067 IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1080 Then after the singing sessions, we all wandered around the mall doing nothing LOL IMG_1098 Plain slacking! How good were we. IMG_1097 But those were also the times I hope I can have most of the time. IMG_1099 Stress free with a bunch of happy people and also some pretty ones! =DIMG_1088 Tini insisted on playing some basketball games. She and Khoo thus had a little match =)IMG_1091 IMG_1092 Look at the scores! Tini was real good at it. First stageIMG_1093 Second stageIMG_1094 Third stageIMG_1095 Fourth stageIMG_1096 Hayden went for skin consultation after that. Ok, it was supposed to be Jasmine. IMG_1109 Then we went to get some McD sundae cones, came back, it was Hayden having some facial! haha Should be very comfortable eh? =PIMG_1115 Wandered around more and finally sat at Auntie Anne’s to have some food! While debating where to go. Finally, it was to SS2 Pasar Malam. IMG_1125IMG_1121 I have not been to any this semester! So I was jumping at this idea. But it was also a bit bad to have them drive us so far away through the traffic jams. And Khoo’s car had to be…IMG_1117 We must have been some unlucky cookies to him! TT I forgot to check this morning how his car is some more >< Nevermind, will ask/check another time!

And we went to Wai Sek Kai! (Hope I got the pin yins correctly ><)IMG_1131 IMG_1133 IMG_1142 IMG_1148 My dinner. And I want more haha

All in all, I had fun that day albeit not revising *guilty* Khoo sent me back along with Jasmine, Hayden and JJ. Khoo spot that our light in the kitchen was not working and helped us get one new one! Thank you for being so nice always! =D Helpful, gentleman, considerate and nice. Really the big brother everyone calls!IMG_1151 And Amanda stayed over! She forgot her glasses and i requested for this picture =PIMG_1152 And I just realised, in our house, all of us wear specs!!!IMG_1156 And here is one guy who was kicked out of his room last night because.. *ahem ahem* Explicit. Ask me on MSN LOL

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Keep hands off laptop

… until my iPod runs out of battery! Seriously, this lappie MUST be sent to dungeon! ><xx Anyway, iPod does not last very very long hours. Will be quite soon that I come back to recharge. I do not know if I will come by here though. MUST revise. STOP any temptations! NO touching of laptop! MUST revise! MUST!

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