Expect least and get the best!

Seriously, I feel on top of the world to know that there are so many people out there that care. I thought today  is a very sad day. When I counted it out, there are just only FIVE matters that bring me down today. But one good one. But trust me when I say that the ONE AND ONLY good news is good enough to compensate for all.

And I seriously thank those people who made that one and only good news for me =) Thanks for the constant comfort. Talking to you all makes me cry but its a good relieve. And thanks for the effort to cheer me up. Thanks for the wise words given to me and all the kind advise. Thanks for the encouragement to allow me stay strong despite all the adverse conditions. Thanks for the care you all constantly shower me with =) I am seriously touched. And very happy to have people like you all make my world turn around. I hope you all do know who you are =)

I need no others, but just sincere friends like you all. I hate to reach out to my family because I do not like them to worry. The last time I did made me feel guilty enough. So, it is good that i can turn to so many of you =) *sayangs* And I appreciate every little thing, every little gesture, every little care and every little smile. And just to let you all know, I learnt one thing: When you expect the least, you get the best out of everything!


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