The dedicated nurse

.. is my aunt. She has always been a very diligent person, striving for the best in whatever she can. She is very lovely, young looking but always worry a lot. Nonetheless, very caring and dedicated. Without her all these times, maybe I will never be who I am today.

Baking times with her was always fun. She makes fantastic cheesecakes, banana and walnut cake and carrot cake! Yummy! =D

Improving my English with her was always nice. Always a random word. Always a random explanation. All these let me learn English in a normal daily life kind of way.

Learning about health and diseases since young was a privilege, especially when it is not an imposed education. It is where we slowly get to know the existence of such things/diseases etc. I thank god for giving me such a caring nurse as my aunt.

Saving money was also taught and we were nurtured to spend wisely. I will never forget the moment when we actually saw a small cute photo frame with musical box behind. My sister liked the one with pigs while I liked the one with bears. My aunt actually allowed us to make the decision ourselves to whether get that expensive miniature photo frame or to save the money. I at last bought it and it serves as a reminder to me till today how I was taught to spend wisely. Ok, maybe I should say, spend within own means.

There was also once when I wanted a discman so bad, I was given some money and a little time to save up more money for it. At last, all the money went into my bank account and I did not get what I wanted so badly. This is also how my aunt (together with my uncle) taught us about how not to buy something impulsively.

Being on time was always something she instilled in all of us. She never like waiting for people. Likewise, for people to wait for her. And so sorry to have been late for class today on your special day. I never once forgotten about punctuality but sometimes circumstances said otherwise.

And that leads me to recall one thing you always wanted me to keep in mind too: “Things can be flexible”. We need not be so stubborn at times. Oh well, the stubborn me always say: “This is a matter of principle!” LOL

Encouragements and wise words were always given. Though, being a stubborn me, most times were always taught to fall and stand once again. Very sorry to disappoint, I never learn one lesson well despite all the falls, “Never trust easily”. But I am learning this =)

The most precious of all from you, is not the opportunity I taken selfishly, to come over to Monash University to study, but is the love and care you have always dedicated to us. And I know you know that we love and care for you the same way.

It is still a long long way, with so many memories together, I know I will grow up and realise what you always said or tried to instill in us are all so true. All the wise words will always be some where in a corner of my heart. Yes, my heart, not my brain. Along side with you =) I love you a lot and Happy Birthday! =D

P.s. It is a regret I cannot spend yet another birthday with you. Another two years perhaps! =D Till then, you will have a big treat from me to where ever you want. Not just a meal, I promise =)


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