My brother

I talked about my baby sister a lot in my blog but not so much of my brother. He is another one who made me who I am today. You can never live with someone yet say they never shape you.

My brother is three years younger than me. Very close to me. And so I am to him. its sad that we seldom talk to one another now. The last I chat with him though was few days ago. hohoWe share words of heart all the time when we can. Like how he is worried about stuff in his life.

About studies. I was the one who always revised and taught him his stuff. Until I was in Secondary 1, I did not do as much because of my own workload.

About his love. how he is in love with this girl but could not make her his one. How he is heart broken. How to please a girl. What he can do to make a girl feel on top of the world.

About his friends. How bitchy that girl was. How nice this guy was. And about his gay best friend. LOL There was once when his teacher thought he was gay with this friend of his because they were always together.

About money. He is not really stingy with his money. Ok, he is a bit stingy but he still get me stuff when he goes overseas. For brothers, I learnt that that is sweet =D

We argue very little, fight lesser. But we do argue and fight! What is great is that he knows not to say anything when I am seriously angry. Best of all, when he has got the chance, he will put down his ego and talk with me. I am also very egoistic.

How can you not heart him? Absolutely handsome. Extremely sweet. Very smart. Well-mannered. The son-in-law everyone wants. (Because every auntie who sees him thinks so!)

He is very polite but not sissy. He is not the innocent type but treads well on his own conscience. He won’t do bad things but do what the typical guy does. Rude when talking with his guys friends but not the bad way; that is how guys interact I suppose? Bully girls playfully. Say lame jokes. Play harmless pranks. Talk dirty (but to people he is comfortable with and who understands that he is just being playful) and about horny stuff (This is a guy!)

Make a big fool out of himself. There were times he will call me to distract me from what I am seriously concentrating on just to say Hi! Damn lame. He would pass by the bus stop in a car and say hi to everyone waiting for the bus. Yes, strangers. He is very helpful when you needed him. He talks when it is required of him. He seldom cry. But he understood that crying shows no inferiority. Or probably I cried too much in front of him LOL.

There is so much about him that I would love to share. Eighteen years of being a good brother, I can never demand more. Its unconditional love that will never fade but will go deeper.

Happy 18th Birthday! =D

P.s. Your demand for no gift but my presence to celebrate is obviously unattainable.

P.p.s Your demand for the gift which I insisted on is not possible too because I am rich enough to get you a Lamborghini Gallardo still!


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