Sungai Chiling 05.02.2009

Yeah..another MNSM trip! =) I hearts MNSM. Ever since I joined them, I always try my best to take part in their trips. Never fail to give me good memories =D

This is their second time to go to Sungai Chiling. No, Izuan, I never been there! I was NOT in Monash yet =PIMG_0460 Anyway, the bus was still quite empty. Had I known, would be able to go persuade some others to go too!!! HAHA but oh well.. IMG_0463 Was actually hoping Suh Ming, Cheryl and Zen Xern would be able to join us too. Such nice people should never be forgotten =) IMG_0462Anyway, I took very little pictures only because it was at waterfall area. IMG_0464 First off from Monash, reached Rawang for breakfast.IMG_0467 Last of the few who got in the bus *sorry!* Got really car sick when I got there. IMG_0473 But…It was real fun there. IMG_0486 Registered myself. Cam-whore a lot. IMG_0485 Crossed few rivers. Reached the waterfall. Enjoyed some good sights (Both the sceneries and human in bikini! =P) IMG_0490 Dipped myself in cold water. Reminiscing days when I always had bath rather than shower. Ate some Twisties. Fun over due to the weather. IMG_0510 Walked out under the rain. Went to the river to wash my shoes. Changed into dry clothes. Get very heavy headed, cold and felt double dose of motion sickness on the way back. I thought I would be having a hard time but after some rest in the bus, it was all good =)IMG_0508 Just want to jot down something for this post. Of course, related to this post lah!

1. I must apologise to my family for being such an irresponsible daughter. I should have been truthful ever since before I even think of signing up for this trip. Ok, I did not even tell because I always do so while on the way to those trips, early in the morning. Their voices of relieve when I called them in the bus to tell them I am safely on my way home just struck me how bad a daughter I was. So sorry.

2. I am happy for being honest and told my family what I did. I did not want to lose the trust. I was not supposed to play in deep waters. My father never liked that and we never even visited a famous lake in Brunei called Tasek Merimbun! >< Despite his orders for me to not go if it is not compulsory, I went. Despite his orders for me to not play in the water, I played. But, I did not take a step further to go diving. I am safe.

3. I kept this long enough and never had the right time to tell this one person something. Or, rather, could not put down my ego to tell him I am so sorry! It was so wrong to have said something so hard on him. But when I feel unwell, my confidence level go down. So I never like people seeing me feeling all the agony of pain and sickness. Especially those who will turn the fact that I am sick to I am just trying to play some mind games. I never like people doubting what I can do or what I cannot then. Just because he said I might tumble and all.. it ticked me off. I knew he was trying to be nice, caring and humorous. But it was not at that time. Anyway how, I still feel very sorry, to you , if you know who you are. If you do not, it is still the same. Very sorry indeed


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