Wolverine and MAJOR Grocery shopping 14.05.2009

It was three reports marathon and all due on the same day resulting in me not having much sleep. Wednesday was thus a very blurry day for me. Forgive me if I seemed like I was disconnected ><IMG_0632 But I had fun during the morning laboratory although I was late. Totally konk-ed out and was dreading university actually. But I don’t know.. just hyperactivity I guess. Probably because we were given about an hour of free time. Totally hyperactive. I do NOT look like I slept for just less than three hours ><IMG_0640 Afternoon laboratory is something I always dreaded. Was so stupid and went to stand near to my Microbiology Lab Demo when my brain was not functioning. I could not even comprehend what she was asking, HOW TO ANSWER??? damn!

Never mind. We had the plan to watch Wolverine for sometime already. But thanks to the workload, we only watched yesterday! It was alright but I was expecting more. I don’t know. Probably I was too tired.IMG_7083 We went to have a twenty minutes sushi session first then proceed to the cinema. Yes, we were late >< IMG_0643 So sorry to those who waited for us. Actually, most goes out to JY. He planned everything and waited for us in Pyramid so long. really thank you and sorry at the same time!IMG_7086 After the movie, we proceed to shopping. Our house was totally out of food. Not even an egg ok?! So we had major shopping session!IMG_0644IMG_0645 Well, I love grocery shopping. It is always fun =) And this time, we bought a whole bonnet car of stuff with those in the trolley too! HAHAIMG_7085And really sincere thanks to the people who accompanied us shop till so late and still insist on getting us home safely. IMG_7087 Special thanks to Wen Hao, Khoo and his sister, JJ, Hayden, Amanda and Sugus.

And also JY. Do not know when will meet him and all again. Its so sad to always think of this. Too many people around and I could not talk to him as much as I would like to. And was so afraid he got too tired then. Sorry for keep on asking if you are tired =P

Not to forget, Michelle. Was supposed to do work and revise with her. So sorry!! But at least we did two karyotypes =P Whee~~

And yeah, just being random, would like to add this: “A lot of things, even though left unmentioned, do not mean they are non-existent.” Be it gratefulness, appreciations, sorrys, thank yous, and lots of saddening stuff etc.

P.s. Sorry that this blog post have only random pictures of the day. No one wanted to take pictures >< HAHA


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