I have late on-set allergy to KIWI. Yes, that furry furry fruit. It was once my favourite fruits. But… my throat gets all itchy when I eat them.IMG_0600 That day, YX gave me some jellies with one lil piece of kiwi. I gobbled them down because it has been such a long time I did not eat jellies (and now I am craving for it)

I was elated that nothing happened to me and went to tell TY nothing happened. =D That day when we were doing a major grocery shopping, I saw the yoghurt drink which were off the shelves for sometime. I grabbed without looking at what flavours. I just only realised one of them is Apple and KIWI!!IMG_0821 I though since last time I eat the jelly with a small piece of it. It should be ok to drink it. Boy, were I wrong!! >< As I down half a cup of it, my throat feels different. But it was not as bad as how it was like the first time I had it. So, no.. it is not a phobia of the fruit itself now. I still have allergy to it. Just small amount would be alright. But I think I still cannot take in the whole fruit TT


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