Hi there Suh Ming!

Yes, Suh Ming. The you in Australia. Now doing your work albeit sick. Had to stay in. =(( But I bet you would rather stay in than go out in that cold rainy weather. Get well soon.

Just I think I owe you this very open thank you for everything. Just a very big thank you. And I would really love to give you a very big hug. OK, I know you know I am the one who really need that big hug! *hugs*

And always, just after talking to you, I will be in much better mood. Always feel happier and think negatively lesser. I really owe good times to you! Fullhouse on me when you are back! OK?! Black and white here. No lies =D

The Irrational Me Who Cherishes You,

CC ❤

p.s. I do not have a picture with you =((


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