Learning not to be naive

I am not a gullible girl who thinks like desperate people. Probably one day I might be. But then at that time, I might be insane or perhaps clouded by overwhelming emotions?

You know the scenario where people felt sad because that other person would not even put in the effort to make up any excuses or should I say, LIES, just to comfort them? And when that certain someone actually made up OBVIOUS lies, they are so delighted. I must make this clear: I am certainly not those.

I have always love to think I am person who can manage with truth albeit the time I require. But once people make up lame excuses or lies, I take thousand steps back and look at that person with another different shade of light. I loathe those people. Especially when that person did NOT only did it once!

Wanting to ignore sometimes is just hard. I did try for the past few times but NOT this time again! Why should my principles to stick to honesty waver just because I see you as a good friend? I think it is better for someone to not say anything than to make up excuses or lies. If you are going to say anything to prevent the awkwardness, let it be honesty or just a joke. It gives you at least the dignity you deserved.


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