Boys Over Flower

Yes, I am enjoying it albeit the workload. Actually work is now not as tight as the past few weeks because the semester is coming to an end. But this means exams are near TT

Have to quickly finish off what’s to be due and start revising. Hope that certain someone remembers his promise to start studying! >< I must also learn to have some self discipline. Stay away from my laptop!

BoysOverFlowersPicture taken from Drama-Wiki

Anyway, back to the topic, yeah I am now watching it. Its nice =) Its not as draggy as the Taiwan’s production. So I love it all the better. But I like Ji Hoo Taiwan character more. Nonetheless, this baby-faced Ji Hoo is still charming. I love guys who can play piano and violin! I just do not understand why my brother loves guitar and not violin! hmph! hahaIMG_0844 The drama is almost similar to that of Taiwan’s but not totally. So it was good too =D And I get to watch them because of two persons! Millions of thanks to them =DIMG_0849 Sue who got me her pen drives (She got so many of them OMG)IMG_0633 Yumni who transferred them for me =D (I still want the other episodes! I am fast reaching there already =P)


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