Shogun Buffet Lunch 21.05.2009

IMG_0895 I simply love Sue lah! Always she manage to make me very very happy! And I finally get to have a good meal with her =D but she still owe me movie + mango ice timeIMG_0973 Anyway, there was a 50% lunch time offer in Shogun, Pyramid. IMG_0896 Must thank Yen Ming for telling us about this! its really fun to go out in such big bunches sometimes and move around all over the place cam-whoring! IMG_0928 Must scream at Crystal lo! She tidak main with me also. Take picture pun she take so few with me! ><

All of us =D Twenty five of us but only eight boys! heheIMG_0919 Loads of pictures =) Enjoy!IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0904 IMG_0917 IMG_0922 The nice bunch of people who helped us take picture =) The girl in black shirt is Elaine I think. Hope she will send the pictures she took to me =D *hopeful*IMG_0932 IMG_0967 IMG_0963 IMG_1021 IMG_0977 Yen Ming’s well known rabbit poses! =DIMG_1037 The three being restless. Tak sempat want to leave.IMG_1039 This buffet lunch is very worth it. So cheap!!IMG_1036 After that, we went on our own ways =(( haha sound so sad! Just go home mah!IMG_1045 But we went to post office, buy new specs and do a bit grocery shopping =D


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