Thanks a million times!

To the nice guy here, Mr Kiung Jeou Yee. He is a friend that I never ever dare to take for granted. Well, not like I take my friends for granted. He does not need to know what my problems are. He just know that I should not care about my problems. =D Not like worrying or getting all frustrated over it will help, right? I just mentioned I feel very sien because I was wrongfully accused again! And he did not probe further, he just say: “Ignore it bah.. Life will be easier.”

And special thanks to Ann.. she can always lead me out of my “no mood to chat” and make me chat so long with her! =P Yes, Ann, anytime! Dramas can be replayed but not the time spent chatting with you. And thanks so much for all those not-studying-but-chatting-only times =D I am slacking a lot too. But I guess doing something I missed for such a long time is alright. We can always score well despite being last minute students, right? HAHA *boastful* That is a sin! Should not have said that, nanti I fail lo! *touch wood* I will start revising after this drama end! =D

I hearts all my friends. =D

They are the best in the world =D


None others, but the best!



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