Done! *updated*

I am finished with Boys Over Flower! Whee~~he Out of the four guys, I liked three only. I do not like Song Woo Bin (expected probably) HAHAwb Cuteness wise, So Yi Jung is the one =D yj2 Charming one is Yoon Ji Hooyjh And the male lead is someone you won’t find him charming at first. jp1 But as the drama proceed, he is more and more good looking, charming, sweet, egoistic (in a charming way) and everything good. =P jp He is Gu Jun Pyo! yjBut seriously, I love So Yi Jung more. charm Love it especially him with his ear stud!jh Yoon Ji Hoo also got ear stud one lo! At first, I disliked his hair colour. But after that, it was not so blond anymore! And he got a hair cut. And put on that sparkly ear stud. Me loves =D HAHA

So now.. I already watched two dramas! These all no work and only drama thing should seriously stop! I am free of work. And now has an online quiz and one term exam coming up before the finals start! Should start revising! Everyone, do work hard too =Dexam Five papers for this semester >< Wish me luck people! =D

P.s. I want to watch Angels and Demon!

Update: I just finished watching the special episode. I forgot about it! LOL So revision extended to when I wake up later =P Sleepy already! ><


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